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Take a trip to the Far North and discover the programmes we have prepared for you in Toronto and Vancouver. A guaranteed change of scenery for a strong cultural enriching experience.

Canada will surprise you with the natural beauty of its breathtaking landscapes and the kindness of its people. There is no one more welcoming than the Canadians who will enjoy communicating with you. Their English accent is rather pleasant to listen to and simple to understand.

Toronto and Vancouver are both modern and vibrant cities where you can be sure to have fun with outdoor activities, international events, cultural visits and social life.

Academic Programmes

Canada is renowned for the excellence of its educational system, the friendliness and open-mindedness of its people, its good standard of living and, of course, its magnificent landscapes and wide natural open spaces.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity of leaving for a month, a term, a semester or an academic year. You can choose your region of stay and your school. Each school offers a wide range of subjects and extra-curricular activities.

This linguistic and cultural immersion will not only bring you proficiency in the English language, but also a certain maturity and international open-mindedness that are almost indispensable nowadays.

Destinations in Canada

High School in Canada – Newfoundland

Homestay | 12-18 | School term – Semester – Academic year

High School in Canada – Manitoba | Winnipeg

Homestay | 14-18 | School term – Semester – Academic year

High School in Canada | Vancouver | Langley

Homestay | 13-18 | School term – Semester – Academic year

High School in Canada – Vancouver Island – Nanaimo

Homestay | 13-18 | Semester – Academic year

High School in Canada – Vancouver Island – Cowichan Valley

12-18 | School term – Semester – Academic year

High School in Canada – Fort St. John | British Columbia

Homestay | 15-18 | School term – Semester – Academic year

High School in Canada | Windsor | Ontario | Homestay or Campus |

10-18 | 12-18 | 1 month – 1 academic year | Homestay or residence

English in Toronto – EC

Year round | 16+ | 2-36 weeks | Homestay or Residence

English in Vancouver

Year round | 16+ | 1-36 weeks | Homestay

Toronto | 13 – 17 yrs |Host family | Summer

Homestay | 13-17 | 1-6 weeks | Summer

English in Toronto (Ages 30+) – EC

Year round | 30+ | 2-36 weeks | Homestay or Residence

Immersion at Your Teacher’s Home in the USA and Canada – Home Tuition

Year round | Homestay | All ages | 1-3 weeks | 20% discount on second booking

Why choose Canada for your language travel ?

Canada is a popular country to visit, thanks to its proximity with the United States, its unique geographical situation and its natural breathtaking northern landscapes.

Canada has a unique network of cities spread across its vast territory. Winnipeg is known for its affordability ; Calgary is popular because it is the closest major centre to Banff National Park ; Ottawa is home to fascinating museums and the Rideau Canal, and Yellowknife is definitely the place to visit to see the Northern Lights.

There is also Vancouver, which is certainly the most amazing city in Canada. It skillfully combines urban life with a magnificent natural environment, so you can go from your office to the mountains in less than an hour. Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America. Whatever cityscape you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Canada.

Canada undoubtedly has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. Most of the country is uninhabited, which means that there are many rural and pristine areas from coast to coast. There is Arctic life in Nunavut, the Canadian Rockies in Banff and Jasper National Parks, the British Columbia coastline, the Badlands of Alberta, the prairies in central Canada, and the remote national parks of Newfoundland and Labrador. If you love nature, you’ll love Canada.

Our favourite destinations in Canada

High School in Canada | Vancouver | Langley

One semester to one full academic year in a Canadian High School. One semester €12 6355 and one academic year €19 990 (includes tuition, room and full board with a host family). For students aged 13 to 18.

High School in Canada – Fort St. John | British Columbia

Great opportunity to spend 1 term, 1 semester or 1 academic year in a Canadian High School located in British Columbia. For students aged 15–18 ; 1 tterm from €6 745 ; 1 semester from €10 475 ; 1 academic year from €17 975 (including lessons and room and board with a host family)

English in Toronto – EC

Study English in Toronto! Ages 16+, 2 week stay minimum. Standard or intensive English courses, business English and English in the City. Two weeks from CA$1620 (homestay accommodation, single room half-board)

English in Vancouver

Language programme in Vancouver. From ages 16+. Minimum stay: 1 week. Standard or intensive General English courses, Exam preparation for IELTS. Homestay accommodation.

Why organise your language programme with Easy Languages ?

Easy Languages has been organising language stays in Canada for almost 30 years now for juniors, young people and adults. Whatever your language level , your age or destination, we have something for you. Our advisors are at your disposal to help you choose a language travel destination and will assist you from the beginning to the end of your stay.

For more information about our services, please consult our page “Why Easy Languages?“.

To find out more about organising a language travel abroad, please visit our page “How to organise your language programme

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