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Combine the charm and pleasures of Italy with effective learning of this melodious language. In Rome, Venice or Taormina (Sicily) our programmes are adapted to all budgets, with a guaranteed quality/price ratio.

Italy is first and foremost its people. Charm, sympathy, spontaneity, and of course the pride of living in one of the most beautiful countries of the world. History, art (fashion, haute couture, design…), art history, gastronomy, music, the beaches, islands and seaside resorts, an ever-present romanticism : everything combines to create a unique mosaic and unforgettable memories for all ages visitors.

Destinations in Italy

Italian in Rome

Year round | 18+ | 1-4 weeks

Italian in Sicily

Year round | 17+ | 1-24 weeks | Homestay or shared apartment

Immersion at Your Teacher’s Home in Italy – Home Tuition

Year round | Homestay | All ages

Italian in Venice

Year round | 16+ | 1-36 weeks | Homestay or Residence

Why choose Italy for your language travel ?

Italian cities are among the oldest in the world when it comes to building and town planning. The Romans understood the need for urban cities to maintain their economic, political and cultural relevance. The Italian cities of Rome, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Naples, Florence, Cagliari, Palermo, Livorno and Siena are the richest in history and cultural heritage.

Art and culture are part of the Italian everyday life. The country was the centre of the legendary Renaissance movement and is the birthplace and craddle of famous painters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaelo, Botticelli, Donatello, Caravaggio, etc.

Italian cuisine is natural, colourful, delicious, tasty and full of passion. From wood-oven cooked pizzas from Naples to Tuscan pasta dishes, from the meaty delights of Lombardy to the Mediterranean delicacies of Sicily. Italian cuisine changes with the region and has its own flavours while retaining the same Italian character of its food.

Our favourite destinations in Italy

Italian in Rome

Study Italian in Rome! Ages 16 and up, from 1 week. Standard or Intensive General Italian courses. Homestay or shared apartment accommodation.

Italian in Sicily

Study Italian in Taormina! Ages 17+, sessions starting from 1 week. Standard, semi-intensive or intensive Italian, private lessons, Italian & thematical option. Homestay or apartment accommodation. 1 week from €495 (10 lessons, apartment accommodation, single room, self-catering.)

Why organise your language programme with Easy Languages ?

Easy Languages has been organising language stays in Italy for almost 30 years now for juniors, young people and adults. Whatever your language level , your age or destination, we have something for you. Our advisors are at your disposal to help you choose a language travel destination and will assist you from the beginning to the end of your stay.

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