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You would like to learn English in the sunshine while staying in Europe ? Malta is the ideal destination for English immersion courses. Discover the cultural and historical richness of this English-speaking island, at an excellent value for money.

Travel to Malta and enjoy the island’s sunny climate and the generosity of its people. This small isle is full of wonders worth visiting : combine your stay here to improve your English while discovering its secrets !

Our partner schools offer standard or intensive general English courses, with the possibility of staying with a host family to benefit from a real immersion experience, or in a residence if you prefer to remain independent.

Destinations in Malta

English in Malta | EC

Year round | 16+ | 1-36 weeks | Homestay, residence or shared apartment

Immersion at Your Teacher’s Home in Malta – Home Tuition

Year round | Homestay | All ages | 1-3 weeks | 20% discount on second booking

English in Malta | IELS

Year round | 16+ | 1-36 weeks | Homestay or Residence

English in Malta – IELS | 13-17 | Homestay & Residence | Autumn, Spring & Summer Camp

13-17 | 1-4 weeks | Autumn – Spring/Easter – Summer | Homestay or residence

English in Malta – EC | 12-17 | Residence | Summer Camp

12-17 | 1-4 weeks | Summer | Homestay or residence

English in Malta (Ages 30+)

Year round | 30+ | 1-36 weeks | Homestay, residence or shared apartment

Why choose Malta for your language travel ?

Between the small island of Comino and the islet of Cominotto lies the Blue Lagoon. Famous for its astonishing azure blue waters and white sand, it is the ideal place to enjoy a small part of the Mediterranean Sea, which is approaching perfection. An ideal place for swimming and snorkelling, the island of Comino is a quiet place to relax and enjoy the seascape.

Our favourites programmes in Malta

English in Malta | EC

Study English in Malta! Ages 16+ (17+ in summer), 1 week stay minimum. General, standard or intensive English, Business English and Cambridge, TOEFL and IELTS exam preparation, English in the City. General English courses can be taken in mini groups. Homestay or flatshare accommodation. 1 week from €460 (20 lessons, flatshare accommodation, shared room, self catering.)

English in Malta | IELS

Study English in Malta and Gozo! Ages 16 (18 summer), from 1 week. Standard or intensive general English and Cambridge exam preparation. Homestay or residence accommodation. 1 week from €490 in Gozo (20 lessons, residence accommodation, shared room.)

Why organise your language programme with Easy Languages ?

Easy Languages has been organising language stays in Malta for almost 30 years now for juniors, young people and adults. Whatever your language level , your age or destination, we have something for you. Our advisors are at your disposal to help you choose a language travel destination in Belgium, and will assist you from the beginning to the end of your stay.

For more information about our services, please consult our page “Why Easy Languages?“.

To find out more about organising a language travel abroad, please visit our page “How to organise your language programme“.

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