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What better place to learn French than France? Take advantage of our programmes in Lyon, Paris, Nice or Rouen to discover all the treasures of this superb country.

French is the official language in 29 countries around the world. Beyond the linguistic and touristic interest of learning French, French-speaking culture deserves to be (re)discovered.

Our programmes in France combine language courses with sports and/or cultural activities, for a total discovery of this culture steeped in history. Whatever your budget, your needs and your expectations, we are ideally placed to help you discover French. Whatever your goals (business French, French + cooking…), we have the right programme for you.

Destinations in France

Learn French in Annecy

Study French in Annecy! Ages 16+, from 1 week. Intensive or super intensive French, DELF,…

French in Normandy

Study French in Rouen! Ages 16 , from 1 week. Semi-intensive or intensive general French…

French in Nice

Study French in Nice! Ages 17 , from 1 week. Standard and intensive French, combo…

French in Lyon

Study French in Lyon! Ages 18+, from 1 week. Semi-intensive, intensive and combo courses, General…

High School in France

Join a French “lycée” or “collège” and live at the pace of your host family…

Why choose France for your language programme ?

France is the most visited country in the world and is blessed with breathtaking scenery consisting of alpine mountains, magnificent meadows, farms, rivers and a spectacular coastline.

France is the leading country in the world for culture, performing arts and gastronomy. It has given the world the idea of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, as well as many other cultural imports.

Paris, its capital, is filled with Baroque palaces, art-nouveau architecture and spectacular public squares. The Eiffel Tower remains the cultural symbol of France while the Champs Elysées remains the heart and soul of Paris.

However, Paris is not the only destination, move north and you will be greeted by beautiful meadows and beaches. Down south, you will find beautiful Mediterranean coasts and the cities of Nice, Cannes, Marseille, Saint-Tropez, etc. Wherever you settle in France, the geography changes and, with it, the flavours of French cuisine. Cultural shows and art still dominate the country, as evidenced by the number of painters, poets and writers who share the most beautiful places with tourists.

There are so many things to see and do in France, which is fortunate to have very varied landscapes and geography. From world-class alpine resorts to the beautiful beaches of Saint-Tropez, France is truly a world-class destination !

Our favourite destinations in France

French in Arcachon | 12-18 | Surf or Multiactivity Homestay | Summer Camp

Summer Camp in Arcachon. Ages 12-18. From 2 weeks minimum. French courses with supervised sports, leisure and creative activities. French & Surfing option available. 2 weeks Homestay from €1,415 (15 French lessons per week, activities, full board Homestay, transfers). From June 28 to August 15 2020.

French in Montpellier | 13 – 16 | Homestay & Residence Summer Camp

Summer language course in Montpellier. From 11 to 16, minimum duration: 1 week. French course with a programme of supervised sports, leisure and cultural activities. Homestay or Residence accommodation. 1 week from €860 (20 French lessons, full board Residence accommodation).

Learn French in Montpellier

Study French in Montpellier! Ages 16+, from 1 week. Standard, intensive or super intensive courses. French and Cooking. Homestay or Residence accommodation.
vista de Paris

Learn French in Paris, France

Study French in Paris in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés! Ages 16+. Minimum stay: 1 week. Intensive and combo courses, General French, Summer sessions, TCF/TEF exam preparation, language and culture workshops. Homestay all-year round or residence accommodation. 1 week €755; 2 weeks €1330; 4 weeks €2375 (20 lessons per week, homestay, single room & breakfast).

French in Normandy

Study French in Rouen! Ages 16 , from 1 week. Semi-intensive or intensive general French course, DELF/DALF exam preparation. Homestay or residence (min. 4 weeks.) 1 week from €610 (15 lessons, homestay, breakfast). Half or full board available in homestay.

French in Nice

Study French in Nice! Ages 17 , from 1 week. Standard and intensive French, combo courses, general French, DELF/DALF exam preparation courses. Homestay or residence accommodation. 1 week from €640 (20 lessons, Homestay, no meals included).

French in Lyon

Study French in Lyon! Ages 18+, from 1 week. Semi-intensive, intensive and combo courses, General French, French & Culture and French & Cooking Course. Homestay or residence accommodation. 1 week from €395 (15 lessons, Homestay, breakfast.) Half board available with Homestay only.

French in Aix-en-Provence

Study French in Aix-en-Provence! Ages 18 , from 2 weeks. Standard or intensive general French, standard or intensive business French, combo courses, private lessons, long-term course. Homestay or residence accommodation. 2 weeks from €1290, 4 weeks from €2395, 16 weeks from €7255 (20 lessons, homestay, half board).

Immersion at Your Teacher’s Home in France – Home Tuition

French homestay with your own private teacher! All ages, from 1 week. General or specialized French courses (flexible schedule), French & General Activities, French & Sports, French & Culture, French & Leisure Activities. Homestay with your teacher, single room, full board. 1 week stay starting from €1190 (15 hours French private lessons, accommodation.)
immersion sans cours

Total Immersion Homestay in France | 13-18

Total immersion in an French host family, 13 -18 ; 2 to 4 weeks during the Summer. 2 weeks €1290, 4 weeks €1950 (including homestay accommodation, full board, 1 activity or local visit per week with the host family).

French in Biarritz, France | 13-18 | Surfing | Homestay | Summer

Homestay summer camp in Biarritz. Ages 13-18 years. Minimum of 2 weeks stay (possible to book 1 week on request only). French or English course with supervised activities and surfing lessons available. Homestay accommodation. 2 weeks €1 935 (lessons,, activities/surfing, meals and transfers included)

Why organise your language programme with Easy Languages ?

Easy Languages has been organising language stays for almost 30 years now for juniors, young people and adults. Whatever your language level , your age or destination, we have something for you. Our advisors are at your disposal to help you choose a language travel destination in France, and will assist you from the beginning to the end of your stay.

For more information about our services, please consult our page “Why Easy Languages?“.

To find out more about organising a language travel abroad, please visit our page ” How to organise your language programme

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