Are you ready for your upcoming adventure abroad?

A stay abroad… it’s a big deal. Read the text below carefully so that you are ready when it’s time to leave.


Before departure

As well as organising your stay, Easy Languages offers the following services:

  • booking transfers (one way or return)
  • Subscription to assistance and cancellation insurance: To take advantage of these services, simply make a request on the booking form, which you can fill out on line or in hard copy available in our brochures.
  • Proposed transportation, depending on the dates and duration of your journey: Make a request when booking or when your reservation is confirmed, depending on the programme booked.This offer is valid subject to the receipt of payment or proof of payment for the required deposit within the 48 hours following the request. You be able to compare our prices and choose to book your own journey, or confirm your booking with us by paying the sum within the allocated time.

In order to offer more flexibility and the best prices, these services are not included in the shown prices (apart from some academic programmes), but are available on request.


On arrival

  • For the majority of our programmes, you will arrive on a Sunday.
  • Once you have arrived at your destination, you will have two options:
    • You can either make your own way to your accommodation
    • Or you can request that a transfer from the nearest airport or station be organised by the schools (you can make a note of this in your booking form, or ask us once your booking has been confirmed).

Note: If you decide to book your own journey and transfers, we are responsible for informing the school of your arrival date, as soon as you send us the information.


The first day

Before departure, you will receive the information regarding your school and the time that you must arrive on the first day, as well as useful information regarding your exchange. This information will be sent to you during the fortnight before departure, on the receipt of full payment.

On your first day, the school staff will give you information about your stay and the course:

  • Presentation of the school’s infrastructures and staff
  • Evaluation test which will ensure that you are placed in the appropriate group
  • Explanations concerning your timetables and the code of conduct.
  • General information, such as: public transport, banks, the post office etc.

During your stay

You will have an experienced team of staff available to offer you assistance:

  • An academic supervisor/Tutor: Your personal point of contact for all queries regarding your course
  • A housing/social welfare correspondent: your contact for all questions regarding your accommodation or any little worries that you may have during your stay (help with medical insurance, recommending a doctor, homesickness, meeting people etc.)
  • An activity correspondent: The best way to discover the town and its surroundings, participate in excursions and fun activities during your free time, book a trip etc.
  • Easy Languages is also available before, during and after your stay to answer any logistic, administrative or other questions and requests that you may have.