Complete travel insurance adapted to our language trips around the world.

Easy Languages offers you a complete insurance package adapted to all our formulas for a stay abroad, regardless of your destination.

This insurance covers medical, surgical and dental expenses, medical assistance and repatriation, baggage insurance in case of theft or loss by the airline and personal liability.

Comprehensive COVID cover

  • Emergency medical treatment, quarantine and repatriation if the insured contracts COVID-19 or any other infectious disease while abroad.
  • Early return of the insured to his country of residence if “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the COUNTRY OF DOMICILIATION, or any other competent authority of that country, advises the insured to return home because of COVID-19 or any other contagious or pandemic disease” or if a family member of the insured becomes infected with COVID-19 or any other contagious disease while the insured is abroad.
  • The consequences and side effects of vaccination are also covered (although vaccines are still excluded).

All participants are required to have adequate travel insurance to cover medical expenses, medical repatriation and civil liability. If you do not have such insurance, Easy Languages can offer comprehensive insurance for illness, accidents, hospitalisation, repatriation, etc.

Practical details

In Europe, European Community nationals are covered by social security and school staff are at your disposal if you need to consult a doctor or dentist. Your health insurance fund or social security institution will provide you with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) upon request.

For all stays outside the EU, participants must take out sickness accident + assistance/repatriation insurance. For stays within the EU, this additional cover is optional, as nationals of the European Community are covered by European social security. However, it is strongly recommended for repatriation services and urgent medical assistance outside the scope of compulsory health insurance.

Our travel insurance policy applies ONLY to participants resident in the European Union.

Our insurance policy covers participants based in Europe under the following conditions:

  • Stay in Europe: 15€/week; 45€/month; (maximum duration: 12 months)
  • Stay outside Europe: 20€/week, 60€/month (maximum duration: 12 months)

Participants based outside Europe :

  • 20€/week, 60€/month; within the annual limit of 360€.

*Europe: Germany – Andorra – Austria – Balearic Islands – Belarus – Belgium – Bosnia-Herzegovina – Bulgaria – Croatia – Cyprus – Denmark – Spain excluding Canary Islands – Estonia – Finland – France excluding overseas territories – Gibraltar – Greece + Islands – Hungary – Ireland – Italy + Islands – Latvia – Liechtenstein – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Macedonia – Malta – Monaco – Norway – Netherlands – Poland – Portugal except Azores and Madeira – Romania – United Kingdom – San Marino – Slovakia – Slovenia – Sweden – Switzerland – Czech Republic – Turkey (European part) – Ukraine – Vatican City.

Summary table

Assistance guaranteesAmounts and ceilings
Health insurance
Number of interventions
€ 1,000,000/insured
Unlimited during validity period
Of which psychiatric and psychological care
Length of stay less than 3 months :
Length of stay from 3 to 6 months :
Length of stay more than 6 months :
Not covered
Maximum € 300/insured
Maximum € 600/insured
Of which Rehabilitation, physiotherapy, chiropractic
Stays of less than 3 months :
Stays of 3 to 6 months :
Stays of more than 6 months :
Following an accident:
maximum € 200/insured
maximum € 200/insured
maximum € 400/insured
actual costs
Of which Emergency dental care
Length of stay less than 3 months:
Length of stay from 3 to 6 months:
Length of stay more than 6 months :

maximum €200/insured
maximum €200/insured
maximum €800/insured
Dental costs after an accident
(also in the home country)
maximum € 440 / tooth
maximum € 1 300 / accident
Of which optical costs (glasses/lenses) after an accidentmaximum € 420/insured person
Medical repatriationactual costs
Sending a doctor abroadactual costs
Sending medicines abroadtransport costs
Extension of the insured person’s stay€ 150 /night/insured person
maximum € 1 500
Extension of stay of accompanying person€ 150 /night/insured
maximum € 1 500
Return to home country after consolidationreturn ticket
Return of an insured accompanying personreturn ticket
Visit of a family member in case of hospitalisation
In case of hospitalisation > 3 days :
In case of hospitalisation > 7 days :
Accommodation costs :

return ticket for one person: maximum € 1 400
return ticket for 2 persons: maximum € 2 800
€ 75 /night/person for maximum 15 days; € 105 /night for maximum 2 persons for 15 days
Repatriation in case of death
Cost of coffin :
€ 2 000/insured
Presence of a family member in case of death
Ticket :

return ticket for one person: maximum €1 400
€75/night/person, maximum €1 050
Early return
Travel of less than 5 months :
Travel of 5 months or longer :
In all cases :

return ticket
return ticket
maximum €10,000 /insured
Assistance in case of loss or theft of documents abroad
Advice and shipping :
Advance cash:

actual cost
Paper renewal€ 200 per insured
Dispatch of urgent messagesactual costs
Legal assistance abroad
Advance on criminal bail :
Legal fees

€ 7 500
€ 3 000
Insurance guaranteesAmounts and limits
Loss, theft or damage to luggage
Without deductible
Delayed delivery > 24 hrs:
€ 3 000 / insured, € 350 / item
€ 700
€ 200 / insured and € 1 000 / event
Delayed transport

€ 70 / 24 additional hours
€ 420 /passenger
24 hours
Search and rescue costs€ 2 000 / insured
€ 15 000 / event
Individual accident insurance
Mortality :
Permanent disability :

€ 15 000 / insured person
€ 100 000 / insured person
Civil liability
Personal liability insurance

All bodily injury, material damage and consequential damage together

Of which material and immaterial consequential damage

Of which damage to movable property listed on the inventory attached to the rental contract:
Defence and remedies :

1.000,000 per claim
500,000 per insured person

10,000 per claim
20,000 per claim with an intervention threshold of

Maximum commitment per contract and per event: if several Insured Persons are indemnified in the context of the same event, the total amount of benefits paid by AXA Assistance may not exceed €20,000,000 (including taxes) per event for all benefits and all Insured Persons combined.

If the total amount of the benefits exceeds this overall maximum, the benefits will be paid to the Insured within the limits of this maximum,
each Insured will then be compensated in proportion to the share that his/her loss represents in the total amount of the losses suffered by the other Insureds of this contract due to this event.

General conditions of our travel insurance