School Immersion in Fort Saint John, British Columbia | 15-18 years old | 1 term to 1 academic year

Our programme is available for all motivated students aged 15 to 18 who wish to experience a new lifestyle abroad and share the day-to-day life of a local family, for one term, one semester or one academic year in a Canadian high school of the Peace River North district. Canadian education system is seen as one of the best in the world. Their accent sounds a bit “American”, but they tend to live like Europeans. Canadian people are known for being welcoming, tolerant and open-minded.

If you wish to stay for two complete secondary schooling, it will be possible for you to obtain a diploma from a Canadian High School.

Why Canada?

Canada is the second largest country in the world, it is also one of the most outstanding in terms of geographical diversity. It’s primarily a wonderful destination for those wishing to study there for multiple reasons:

  • The Quality of living and standard of living are among the highest in the world
  • Its educational system is recognized for its excellence and its compatibility with the European system
  • Friendliness and hospitality of its people
  • Rich in culture
  • Safe environment with stunning landscapes and countryside

Fort St. John, with over 20 000 residents, is an ever-growing city, called “the energetic city” of British Columbia. The city is the economic hub of the region with its own natural resources and thriving industries (oil, gas, forestry, agriculture…) and is a great and safe place to live. The landscapes are stunning and allow plenty of outdoor activities, in both Summer and Winter. Fort St John has all the facilities a big city has (5 theatres, a movie theatre, sports arena, cultural centre, art gallery, several Olympic skating rinks…) but offers the friendliness and warmth only a small town where everybody knows each other can provide. It is the perfect destination for a fast integration into the Canadian lifestyle!

The school

The North Peace Secondary School welcomes about 1 100 students per year and offers outstanding facilities. The high child/teacher ratio brings a personalized support and monitoring to each student.


Classes are generally held from 8.45am to 15.15pm, with a lunch break int the middle of the day. The school offers high quality teaching in a wide range of subjects : English, Robotics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Calculus, History, Geology, Law, Social Justice, Art, Musical theater, Acting, Band, Computer Animation, Food and Nutrition, Textiles, Hockey, Spanish, German, French…

The school has also established a partnership with Northern Lights College to offer a double curriculum in certain subjects to students with an adequate level, at both High School leaving level and post-secondary level.

English Courses

ESL classes and the permanent support from a tutor for each international students are included in the schooling and are specifically aimed at students who do not meet the required minimum level to attend classes in English.

Canadian students study for minimum 12 years (Primary School + Secondary School). This program gives foreign students the possibility to attend a secondary school, from grade 8 to grade 12.

An academic year is divided in two semesters. As a foreign student, you can integrate a class for one semester or for one or several school years and ultimately gain a Canadian High School diploma.

Some courses are offered for one semester. Students have also the possibility to change subjects during the academic year depending on level and availability.

Schools offer a variety of sport, cultural and social activities. The school gives you a unique chance to do activities that you have never done before and to join in the daily life of Canadians students of your age. The school has its own sports infrastructures such as a speed skating track, a ice hockey rink, or a walking track – all indoors.

Your host family is the defining feature of your study abroad experience, helping you become fully accustomed to the culture and feel part of the local community.

Canadians are famous for their hospitality, tolerance and openness.

Our partner organisation’s host families are carefully screened and regularly inspected. Families take an active interest in choosing a student to host and sharing their homes, lives and culture with their guests. They generally live within a 30-minute distance from school by transport or by foot.

The host family will be keen to share with you their way of life and Canadian traditions.

The local coordinator is an experienced member of the staff who knows the host families and is in regular contact with the students and their host parents throughout the duration of the programme. They regularly organize meetings to ensure that your experience is going smoothly, both with your host family and at school. He is available to answer any questions that may arise once on location. He can assist you in your different procedures and is able to react quickly in the case a problem arise. He is your privileged contact person on site.

Our partner organisation’s local coordinators are all experienced and fully qualified to assist international students.

An emergency number will be given to you to use in case of any emergencies.

In order for your stay to go as smoothly as possible and for you to be informed about the different elements of the programme, you will be able to attend an information and orientation meeting organised by Easy Languages in Brussels at the end of May/beginning of June. It allows Easy Languages students to meet and share their questions and experiences with each other and with the Easy Languages team.

If you do not live in Belgium, contacts and information can of course be organised by phone or by online chat.

A second meeting will be held in Canada, within 15 days of your arrival. You will be contacted by your local representative, who will be able to answer all your questions about your stay and conduct.

  • Be between 15 and 18 years old
  • Minimum recommended level of English: none. If your level does not allow you to follow a program in English immediately you will have English as a foreign language course integrated into your program. However, we recommend at least 2 years of English lessons to enjoy classes and activities, especially for students staying less than one academic year.
  • Adequate academic results over the last two years
  • Willingness to make new friends and share the daily life of a host family
  • Demonstrate motivation, maturity and adaptability

Do you fit the criteria for participation? Think this high school abroad program is for you?

  1. Send us a registration form as soon as possible.
  2. You will then receive a pre-confirmation form and an application form to be completed. We will invite you to pay €100 in order to take a proficiency test and to provide us with your school results for the past 3 years. The interview fee is non-refundable and is deductible from the final cost if enrollment is confirmed.
  3. We will then invite you to come to our office in Brussels or Paris for the full interview. You must come to our office with the first part of the application form filled in.
  4. If the interview is successful, we will ask you to pay a deposit (25% of the total amount, minimum €1,500) and to send us the relevant documents completed. This includes recommendation letters from your teachers, your medical history and other information needed to process your booking. As soon as we receive all the documents and the deposit, we will send the application file to our partner.
  5. The final decision belongs to our partner
  6. Once your application is confirmed, our partner will start to look for a host family and registers you at the school.

Registration deadline:

  • 06/15 for departures in September
  • 12/15 for departures in February

It might still possible to register after those dates. However we strongly recommend registration at least 3 months before departure.

An extra fee of €200 will be charged for any registration application submitted after the deadline.

Applicants who do not meet the age or level requirements are invited to contact us to discuss other options.

The academic year is divided in two semesters. As an international student, you can take classes for one semester (start in September or February) or for a full academic year. If you go for 1 semester, you will simply need to fill in a travel document “ETA” (Electronic Travel Authorization) to download from

For a full school year, you must obtain a student visa that will be issued to you for the length of stay. We provide you with all the necessary documents to obtain it and assist you in the process. You can find all information on the website:

WARNING : Since 31/07/2018, when you apply for a visitor visa, study or work permit (except U.S. nationals), or permanent residence you will need to give your fingerprints and a photo. Fingerprints taking costs $CAD 85. You can go to one of these official locations to give your biometrics:

  • visa application centres (VACs) worldwide (find your VAC here )

Click here for more information.

Depending on the location, you may need to make an appointment.

This information is valid for citizens of the European Union. Non-EU nationals please check this page for more information.

Full medical coverage is included in our fees.

Dates & Prices 2022 – 2023

Dates 2022 – 2023

School year : September-June

Semester : September-January or February-June

Prices 2022-2023

Includes all taxes and enrolment fees

WPCS 42.0.3
Tuition, room and full board in host family, and registration fees
DurationPrice without flightsPrice with flights
3 months 9.275 11.175
4 months 12.195 14.095
Semestre (5 months) 21.045 22.945
Academic year (10 months)

Prices include:

  • English level assessment and interview
  • All documents required to obtain a visa
  • High School registration for a semester or a full academic year
  • Supervision during the stay by the local correspondent
  • Accommodation in host family, full board (lunch box on school days)
  • Local transportation
  • Personal assistance, support and advice from our local correspondent
  • Medical insurance
  • Personal support to parents throughout the stay
  • Regular contacts and assessment reports
  • Official certificate of attendance and courses transcripts.
  • Round-trip flight if chosen, from Brussels, Paris or Geneva airport (please contact us for prices if you do not leave from these airports)
  • Round-trip transfers from the arrival airport to the host family

Prices do not include:

  • Round-trip flight to Fort St. John depending on chosen option
  • Excursions and leisure activities
  • Admittance fees to leisure or sports clubs
  • Visa fees
  • Pocket money: around $250-300 per month