Cancellation / interruption of stay insurance to cover all eventualities

Easy Languages offers cancellation insurance to cover you for any unforeseen event occurring before departure and for interruption of your stay due to medical repatriation or emergency early return to your country of origin.

Here are the conditions under which the guarantees apply:

Travel cancellation insurance

Subject to the conditions and exclusions stipulated in the general conditions, the following events are covered

  • Illness, accident, hospitalisation or death
  • Complication of pregnancy
  • Contra-indication and following vaccination
  • Economic dismissal
  • Summons to appear before a court
  • Summons to a remedial university examination
  • Repetition or failure at school
  • Urgent medical summons
  • Destruction of professional and/or private premises
  • Theft from business and/or private premises
  • Granting of a job or internship
  • Professional transfer, modification or refusal of paid leave dates due to the employer
  • Refusal of a tourist or student visa
  • Theft of identity card or passport
  • Serious damage to your vehicle
  • Cancellation of the person accompanying the Insured

Costs of interrupting your stay

Reimbursement of unused land benefits in case of medical repatriation of the insured or early return of the insured in case of hospitalisation or death of a close relative.

“What is covered?”, “What is not covered?

A short guide to cancellation/interruption assistance

Examples of situations BEFORE departure

If the borders are closed before departure, can the trip be cancelled?Not coveredGroup risk for a declared pandemic
If the school/university is closed by the government of the country of stay, can the trip
be cancelled?
Not covered
Insured tests positive for COVID before departure (symptoms or need to travel)CoveredMedical condition, trip can be cancelled.
Medical report required
The insured is in contact with a person infected with COVID. Can he cancel the trip?CoveredMedical condition, the trip can be cancelled.
Medical report required
The insured has symptoms and is refused access to the means of transport to destination. Can he/she cancel the trip?CoveredMedical condition, the trip can be cancelled.
Medical report required
A family member is hospitalised due to Covid and the insured does not wish to travel anymoreCoveredHospitalization of a family member (as per
policy definition)

Examples of situations DURING the stay

During the stay, the local government forces the insured to leave the country and return homeCoveredInterruption of stay
The insured wishes to interrupt his/her trip because a health emergency due to COVID is declared in the country of destinationNot covered
At destination, the insured has to be quarantined without confirmation from COVID due to local government rules (quarantine on arrival)Not covered
The insured has tested positive for COVID and wishes to interrupt his/her stayNot coveredIn case of COVID, no transportation is allowed. Once cured, the insured may continue the trip
Government restrictions are in place during the trip. Can the trip be interrupted?Not covered
The insured must return to the bedside or to the funeral of a loved one due to a serious hospitalisation or death (COVID)CoveredInterruption of stay

Practical details

For all our trips, an optional Living Languages cancellation guarantee can be taken out. The cancellation guarantee amounts to 4% of the cost of the stay.

It must be taken out at the time of registration and paid for with the deposit. The cancellation insurance, once taken out, cannot be refunded.

Our cancellation insurance is ONLY for participants living in the European Union.

It covers stays of more than 2 weeks in a country of the European Union or any other stay whatever the duration and destination. All details in the general conditions of our insurance policy