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Language programmes in China

China is a country of contrasts by excellence, where you will discover a perfect mix of traditional culture, ultra-modern skyscrapers, giant business districts and typical traditional houses.

You can’t miss its remarkable temples and palaces, even less the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. China, a rich country both demographically and historically, is one of the world’s most important trading nations.

Mandarin is an increasingly important and popular language. Our linguistic programmes will help you to make rapid progress in both written and oral skills, following an intensive course for rapid learning, and an undeniable asset on a CV nowadays.

Language programmes in Japan

Nicknamed the “Empire of the Rising Sun”, Japan is characterised both by its highly developed economy and its rich historical and cultural heritage. Its worldwide influences are numerous: video games, manga, advanced technology, karaoke… This country never ceases to fascinate and attract visitors from all over the world.

The security and quality of life that characterise this country make it an ideal and unique destination. Our programmes are prepared to give you the opportunity to discover or improve your Japanese, while immersing yourself in the Japanese culture. A real change of your every day life awaits you !

Language programmes in Korea

Did you know that more than 78 million people in the world speak Korean? On the verge of overtaking the major economic powers, Korea is a young and ambitious nation that will seduce you.

Learning Korean means standing out and looking into the future. Unlike the Chinese or Japanese languages, Korean is marked by a restricted alphabet allowing for rapid visible progress.

Destinations in Asia

Korean in Busan

Year round | 16+ | 2-12 weeks | Homestay or Studio flat

Korean in Seoul

Year round | 16+ | 2-12 weeks | Homestay or Studio flat

Japanese in Tokyo

Year round | 16+ | 2-24 weeks | Homestay or Residence

Japanese in Kyoto

Year round | 16+ | 2-24 weeks | Homestay or Residence

Japanese in Fukuoka

Year round | 2-48 weeks | Homestay or Residence

English in the Philippines

Year round | Residence | 16+ | 1-32 weeks

Immersion at Your Teacher’s Home in China – Home Tuition

Year round | Homestay | All ages | 1-3 weeks

Japanese in Kobe

Year round | 18+ | 1-12 weeks | Homestay or Residence

Mandarin Chinese in Beijing | 11-17 years | Summer Camp

11-17 | 1-8 weeks | Summer | Homestay or residence | Unavailable this summer

Mandarin Chinese in Beijing or Shanghai

Year round | 18+ | 1-16 weeks | Homestay or shared apartment

Why choose Asia for your language travel ?


If you are looking for an exotic destination, full of new curiosities and experiences, stimulating and unique above all, China is probably one of the best places in the world.

China is not a place to go to just to enjoy holidays : it is a particular destination where you can drop your preconceived ideas and discover a fascinating country very different from your own.

China’s impressive and monumental ancient treasures outnumber all other countries in size and number – from ancient palaces to the Great Wall, historic city walls, buried clay armies, canals, pagodas, temples and giant Buddhas.


Japan is a truly impressive destination as it offers many unique experiences that you won’t find in any other part of the world. The culture of this country is an interesting mix of Eastern traditions and Western modernity.

Although many people associate Japan as a highly modern country with its shopping centres and high-quality shops, Japan is in many ways a paradise for nature lovers. If you travel outside the big modern cities, you will quickly discover that the country boasts some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world.


South Korea may not yet be the number one travel destination for many people in the world, but there are many reasons why you should visit the “Land of the Morning Calm”. From history to culture and from gastronomy to spirituality, there is so much to discover.

Because of their ancient history, South Koreans have a variety of traditions that they have kept alive over the centuries. Even today, you can still enjoy traditional Korean dance and music performances, while people like to dress in original costumes.

Even in modern Seoul, you can still find traditional Hanok house neighbourhoods with pretty tea houses that have been around for decades. This mix of old and new is really great fun to explore on a trip to South Korea.

Our favourite destinations in Asia

Korean in Seoul

Korean classes in the heart of Seoul in bustling Gangnam. Semi-intensive & intensive programmes, private classes, TOPIK preparation. Ages 16 . Minimum 2 week stay. Accommodation in a studio or with a host family.

Japanese in Tokyo

Japanese language courses in Tokyo from 16 years old: basic and intensive course. Language and cultural immersion. Stays of 2 weeks minimum, accommodation in a host family or residence. 2 weeks from 1 375€ (20 lessons/week, residence accommodation)

Japanese in Fukuoka

Japanese language courses in Fukuoka from 16 years old all year round and 14 years old in summer: basic and intensive courses. Linguistic and cultural immersion. Stays of 2 weeks minimum, accommodation in a host family or in a residence. 2 weeks from 1 375€ (20 lessons/week, residence accommodation)

Mandarin Chinese in Beijing or Shanghai

Study Mandarin in Beijing or Shanghai!. Ages 18+, 1 week stay minimum. Standard Mandarin courses or combined with particular lessons. Homestay or flatshare accommodation. 1 week from USD 670 (20 lessons, flatshare, self-catering)

Why organise your language programme with Easy Languages ?

Easy Languages has been organising language stays in Asia for almost 30 years now for juniors, young people and adults. Whatever your language level , your age or destination, we have something for you. Our advisors are at your disposal to help you choose a language travel destination and will assist you from the beginning to the end of your stay.

For more information about our services, please consult our page “Why Easy Languages“.

To find out more about organising a language travel abroad, please visit our page “How to organise your language programme“.

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