Spend this summer with Easy Languages

Keep on improving your English, Dutch, German or Spanish this summer… our selection of the best language holidays in Europe! In person or at a distance, in Belgium, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, enjoy the summer of 2020!
They are open, there are still places available, you can organise your summer!

Easy Languages has looked for the best available solutions for its participants so as not to waste the year and to continue to think about their studies and their future, both personnal and professional .

This summer, our focus is not on “travel”, but on the effectiveness of the courses and the most significant progress possible. The stakes are high. Each of you has a specific goal to meet. To make up for the time lost this year and not to find yourself helpless at the start of the new school year.

Keeping in mind this concern for progress, performance and, above all, money well invested in a real training, these are the stays you can book as from today.

Our favourite programme

English, Dutch or French + Activity Summer Camp in Belgium

  • For 10-17 years
  • July and August Camp : on our Bruges Campus
  • August Camp (16-22/08) : on our Val Notre Dame Campus near Liège               
  • Prioritise proximity for a “stress free” stay

Our English language courses

Malta : destination from July 01 to French citizens (except “Ile de France” residents), Luxemburgers and Swiss ; from July 15 to Belgians and other European citizens.

Belgium, Spa

Our Dutch language courses


Belgium, Spa

Netherlands, Vught

Our German language courses

Germany – Juniors programmes

Germany – Programmes 17+

Our Spanish language courses

Spain – Juniors programmes

Spain – Programmes 17+

Our French language courses

France – Juniors programmes

France – Programmes 16+

Belgium, Spa

Our total immersion in a teacher’s home courses

  • This total immersion in a teacher’s home programme with private lessons gives you the guarantees of a rapid progress within a limited time.
  • Many languages to choose from: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.
  • Stays available in all European countries that have reopened their borders.
  • For all ages.
  • An English in France programme (immersion in an English speaking family)