Live a language and a culture from inside by sharing the everyday life of a welcoming host family who cares to share with you his/her lifestyle.

This immersive experience is ideal for those who want to learn through practice and do not want to follow the traditional “sit-down” lessons.

Different types of programmes depending on the destination and the interests of each, including horseback riding, golf, tennis, rugby, surfing, dance…

Homestay in Ireland – Total Immersion

Total immersion Homestay with an Irish host family, no language course. Ages 10-18 / 1-4 weeks. Host family with children of similar age. Guaranteed no same-nationality students in the same family. Total immersion, immersion & horse riding, immersion & golf, farmstay, immersion & excursions, immersions & sports / leisure camp.

Homestay 10-18 1-4 weeks Summer - Irish school holidays

immersion sans cours

Homestay in France – Total Immersion – Sailing & Surfing

Total immersion in an French host family, 13 -18, minimum 2 weeks stay. 2 weeks starting from €1260, 4 weeks from €1920 (including homestay accommodation, full board, 1 activity or local visit per week with host family). Optionals: Surfing, sailing and French tuition

Homestay 13-18 2-4 weeks Summer

Language and Culture Homestay Immersion around the world | All ages

A fully immersive Language and Culture programme in many different countries. You live in a host family, share their lifestyle and practice 15h, 20h, 25h, 30h of activities weekly with a member of the family. The perfect way to improve your language skills through practice and experience the culture of the country you have chosen. This programme is available to students of all ages (children, teenagers, students, adults or seniors). Homestay accommodation includes individual room, full-board. Stays range from 1 to 3 weeks, all year-round.

Year round Homestay All ages 1-3 weeks