College in Southampton, England

Study In the UK for a term, an academic semester or for 6 months, with local British students at Itchen College in Southampton. A Levels, EU Study Abroad, High School Programme. Ages 16 – 18. Homestay accommodation, half board during the week, full board during the weekend. From €7 890 for one term, €9 395 for an academic semester, and from €11 490 for 6 months.

Study Abroad at Chichester College

Study abroad 1 term, 1 semester or 1 academic year at Chichester College in the United Kingdom with local British students. (English A Levels or vocational courses). For students aged 16 – 18. Homestay or residence accommodation. From € 5,595 per term (tuition fees homestay accommodation, half board).

English college in Brockenhurst

Study abroad for a term, a semester or a full academic year with British students at Brockenhurst College in the United Kingdom. A Levels, Vocational Courses. Ages 16 to 18. Accommodation in a host family. From € 7.995 for a trimester, €12.895 for a semester, and from €14.895 for an academic year (course + homestay accommodation).

High School in Sweden

School immersion in Sweden (16-18 years old) for 3 months, 1 semester or 1 academic year. Attend a local high school and share the life of a host family. 3 months : 5 490€, 1 semester 6 890€, 1 academic year 8 490€ (tuition, homestay and full board)

High School in Norway

A school immersion in Norway for ages 16-18, during 3 months, 1 semester or 1 academic year. You can attend a Norwegian high school and live with a host family. An unusual and off-the-beaten-track experience. 3 months for 5 390€, 1 semester for 6 590€, 1 academic year for 7 690€ (tuition, accommodation and meals included)