School immersion in Sweden – 16-18 years old – 3 months to 1 academic year

This programme is available to motivated students aged 16 to 18 who wish to spend 3 months to 1 academic year in a Swedish high school and have a unique and unforgettable experience abroad.

Participants attend a Swedish high school while sharing the life of a host family. This programme allows a cultural and linguistic immersion into the Swedish life.

No previous knowledge of Swedish is required (beginners are welcomed), but a good command of English is.

Ideal destination for nature and outdoor activities lovers and for those wishing to live a unique experience !

Why study in Sweden ?

  • Known for its academic excellence, encouraging to think independently and critically
  • High standards of life – safe and clean environment
  • Equality and diversity are central to the Swedish society
  • Sustainability and environmental issues are a priority here
  • The Swedes are friendly, polite, energetic, learned people who love nature and being outside during all four seasons.
  • Everybody speaks English


  • 10,1 million inhabitants
  • Capitale city : Stockholm
  • Forest-covered landscapes
  • Economic strength – international companies : IKEA, H&M, Spotify, Tetra Pak…
  • One of the most important national custom in Sweden is to have a “fika” – a coffee break with cookies
  • Spectacular landscapes, northern lights
  • Excellent transport network

This programme places student all over Sweden. However, students are generally placed in the South. Your stay may take place in an average sized town or even a small village. 

Everyone speaks English, but all lessons will be provided in Swedish. It is then strongly suggested to follow online Swedish course prior to departure to prepare your immersion in the best way possible.

You will attend a Swedish high school (Gymnasium) where you will be placed according to your host family’s place of residence.

International students are most likely placed in 1rst or 2nd grade according to their age and academical achievements. However, the final decision will be made by the school’s headmaster. You will be part of one class group for the duration of the year, with usually 20-30 people per class. This means that you will become very close to your classmates as you will see them almost every day.

The Swedish school calendar split into two semesters; usually from August to December and January to June. Lessons take place from 8:00/9:00 am to 2:00/3:00 pm and will be provided in Swedish, except during foreign language lessons.

Students will have to choose about 9 subjects (same subjects all year long). Some subjects are mandatory such as Mathematics, English and Physical Education. Others will be selected based on your Swedish ability, your line of study, and your academic achievement.

A lot of subjects are on offer : Foreign Languages, Swedish, History, Social Science, Economics, Business, Natural Science, Technology,…

The most taught foreign languages besides English are Spanish and French, and more rarely Latin and Chinese.

Swedish Course

An online Swedish course is to be completed prior to departure in order to prepare your immersion in the best possible way. Your host family and your local coordinator will recommend you the best options.

In Sweden, education is mandatory between the age of 6 and 16. From age 16 to 20, students attend a gymnasiet. The gymnasiet prepare you for university. Several options are offered :

  1. ekonomiprogrammet, where you will aquire economic and legal knowledge
  2. estetiska programmet, artistic option
  3. humanistiska programmet, literary option
  4. naturvetenskapsprogrammet, scientific option
  5. samhällsvetenskapsprogrammet, economics and social science option
  6. teknikprogrammet, technical option

Exchange students generally choose literary or economics options.

Sweden is known for its academic excellence and encourage to think independently and critically. This school system gives students a lot of freedom. Teachers are usually very open and relaxed. The relationship between students and teachers is much more informal than in other countries, and is based on mutual respect and trust. However, with this freedom comes a lot of responsibility for students to finish their work on time without strict supervision.

Local schools usually don’t offer any leisure activities, but students can join local clubs and teams outside of the school setting. We recommend students to practice at least one sport. It is a great way to engage in the community and get to know even more people.

School holidays are spread like this : 1 week in October/November, 2 weeks during Christmas and New Year, 1 week in February and 1 week in April.

Your host family is without a doubt one of the most important elements of the whole programme, as the families make students feel completely integrated and really live their experience to the fullest.

Our partner organization works with volunteer host families. Families take a genuinely active interest in choosing a student to host and sharing their homes, lives and culture with, and are very motivated to learn about the exchange student’s culture.

Host families choose you based on your description and on how well you would fit into their family.

You will be considerated as the newest family member. It is common that our host families have their own child abroad during that same period.

Swedish host families are very active (work, school, activities). They usually eat as a whole family once a day, and like to spend their free time together. Swedish teenagers are given a lot of freedom, as they are raised to do things independently, with parents really trusting their child and what they are doing on their free time.

Swedish families generally divide housework among family members equally, so as a member of the family you will have to take on responsibilities such as keeping your room nice and tidy, or helping with dinner, cleaning or the laundry.

The local coordinator is an experienced person who knows the host families and schools. They are in contact with each individual student at least once a month to ensure that everything is going well.

He/she is available to answer any questions that students may have. Once there, they can assist with different approaches and are able to react quickly if any urgent problems arise. They are the main point of contact on site.

An emergency number will be sent to you in case of any urgent problems you may have.

It is possible for you to attend an orientation meeting (3 nights/4 days) at the beginning of your stay.

This meeting will be an amazing opportunity to accustom yourself to the Scandinavian culture and meet other international students taking part in the programme while visiting the city.

In theory, the orientation meeting will take place in Copenhagen (location might change due to COVID restrictions).

Exemple of schedule

Accomodation : shared bedrooms in a youth hostel.

The price includes

  • 3 nights at the youth hostel
  • 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners
  • Walking tour in Copenhaguen
  • Entry to Tivoli Gardens (but not to the amusement rides)
  • Transfers between the airport and the youth hostel
  • Preparation sessions prior to your trip

The price does not include

  • Midday meals
  • Transports between Copenhagen and the arrival airport in Sweden
  • Personal expenses
  • Be between 16 and 18 years old at the time of departure

For August arrival : students need to turn at least 16 years old and maximum 18 years old in the course of the calendar year of arrival.

For January arrival : students need to turn at least 17 years old and maximum 19 years old in the course of the calendar year of arrival.

  • Have sufficient English skills so that you are able to communicate without difficulty, if you have no prior knowledge of the Swedish language
  • Demonstrate good academic results over the last two years
  • Demonstrate motivation, maturity and adaptability

Do you fit the criteria for participation? Think this high school abroad program is for you? Then follow these steps:

  1. Send us a registration form as soon as possible.
  2. You will then receive a pre-confirmation form and an application form to be completed. We will ask you to pay a €100 deposit in order to take a proficiency test and to provide us with your school results for the past 3 years. The interview fee is non-refundable and is deductible from the final cost if enrolment is confirmed.
  3. We will then invite you to come to our office in Brussels or Paris for the full interview. You must come to our office with the first part of the application form filled in.
  4. If the interview is successful, we will ask you to pay a deposit (25% of the total amount, minimum €1,500) and to send us the relevant documents completed. This includes recommendation letters from your teachers, your medical history and other information needed to process your booking. As soon as we receive all the documents and the deposit, we will send the application file to our partner.
  5. The final decision is taken by our partner
  6. Once your application is confirmed, our partner will start to look for a host family and a school.

The deadline for handing in completed application forms is :

  • April 30 for August departures
  • October 30 for January departures

The booking forms must be completed and sent to our office (in Brussels or Paris) ** at least 3 weeks** before the deadline. All late applications will incur an additional €200 rush charge.

Medical / accident / repatriation insurance is mandatory for this type of stay. Easy Languages can provide you with a full insurance coverage perfectly adapted for young students travelling abroad. More information here.

We will provide you with all the information concerning the arival airport as soon as we receive the host family’s contact details.

The exchange student will be welcomed on his arrival at the airport closest to the family’s place of residence.

Students participating to the orientation meeting must plan a first flight to Copenhagen, then a second flight from Copenhagen to their designated airport in Sweden.

Dates 2021-2022

Orientation weekend : 18/08 to 21/08/21 or 12/01 to 15/01/22

  • School year : 21/08/21 to 12/06/22
  • Automne semester : 21/08/21 to 03/01/22
  • Spring semester : 15/01/22 to 16/06/22
  • 3 months : 21/08/21 to 14/11/21 or 15/01/22 to 10/04/22

Prices 2021-2022

WPCS 42.0.1
Tuition, homestay & full board, registration fees included
3 months 5.490
1 Academic Semester 6.890
1 Academic Year 8.490
Orientation meeting (optional) 500

Prices include :

  • Preliminary interview
  • Enrolment fees for the local school
  • Homestay accommodation, half-board during the week and full-board on the weekends and during holidays
  • Personal assistance, constant support and advice from our local correspondent
  • Regular contact and evaluation
  • Official certificate of participation
  • Airport pick up

Prices do not include :

  • Round-trip flight to the airport closest to the host family
  • Local transportation
  • Midday meals at school (1 or 2€ per meal)
  • Pocket money – bring about 200/250€ per month
  • Scholar books (possibility to borrow them)
  • School material and other fees such as locker fees
  • Excursions and activities
  • Airport transfer upon departure (host family often take care of this part)