School Immersion at Brockenhurst College – 16-18 years old – 1 term to 1 school year

This programme is aimed at motivated young people, aged 16 to 18, who wish to study with British students in an English college with state-of-the-art facilities, located on a large campus in the heart of the New Forest.

Study in a British college

Welcome to Hampshire, in the South of England. With 3,500 inhabitants, Brockenhurst is the most important village of the beautiful New Forest National Park and is located a short distance away from the town of Lymington.

The New Forest is more than 900 years old, has been a World Heritage Site since 2005 and consists of woods and heathland where ponies and cattle roam freely. The traditions and history of the New Forest make it a unique place to live, and the stunning scenery offers a friendly, safe and creative environment for study and leisure activities. Brockenhurst itself is a peaceful and picturesque village, with a small collection of local shops and cafés.

Despite its rural location, Brockenhurst College is just 90 minutes from both London and Oxford by train, and 20 minutes from the university city of Southampton, which has one of the largest shopping centres in the region.

Located in the heart of New Forest National Park, the 27-acre “Brock” campus offers a safe and welcoming environment for study and leisure activities. Every year over 6000 British and international students take Brockenhurst’s 6th Form A Level and vocational courses. Brockenhurst students’ consistent 99% A-level pass rate and acceptance into top universities exemplifies the College’s academic excellence, endorsed by its ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rating.

Getting to College is very straightforward with excellent transport links across the city.

School facilities include:

  • Spacious, modern, cloud-connected classrooms
  • Learning Resources Centre with 14 open access computers, 5 group study rooms and 70 quiet study places for students to work. Self-service photocopiers, a TV/Video and DVD player and a wide range of multimedia CD-Roms are also available
  • Large library containing more than 23,000 books, hundreds of papers, CDs and DVDs
  • Free WiFi connection
  • Copiers, scanners, TVs, DVD readers available
  • Sports Centre with fully equipped gym and fitness suite, floodlit all-weather sports pitches for 5-a-side, football and hockey, sports hall with basketball, badminton, tennis, netball and volleyball courts and circuit training sessions, indoor cricket and football pitches, 25 acres of playing fields, outdoor grass pitches for football, rugby, hockey and lacrosse
  • Access to livestreamed international conferences
  • Theatre and dance studio
  • Radio and TV recording studio
  • “Hard Brock Cafe”

Activities and events during your stay

Brock has a vibrant social scene, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

From the social activities organised throughout the year by the Students’ Union to the sports options available to help you pursue your interests or try something new, you are sure to enjoy many new experiences and make new friends.

Sports : Badminton, Basketball, Body Pump, Cheerleading, Fitness, Surfing, Lifeguarding, Running club, Dance, Football 5-A-Side, Netball, Yoga, rollerskating, Futsal…

Other activities available : Animation, Book Club, Ceramics, Chinese, Film club, Philosophy, Robotics, Debating, Student Union, Acapella Singing, Broadway Singing, Community Choir, Community Volunteers, Percussion band, Photography, Ukulele (make & play), Medical matters, Mindfulness…

The Student Union organises activities throughout the entire year such as the Christmas party and fundraising for underprivileged children.

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Class sizes and assessment

  • Average class size: 16 students
  • Continuous assessment with regular exams and coursework

You can choose from a range of programmes, based on your age, English language skills and goals. All the programmes on offer require good school results.

The last term (from April – beginning of July) is devoted entirely to exams.

High School experience (ages 16 to 18)

This programme allows you to study from 3 to 8 months with British students and enter into the British college way of life.

15-20 hours of classes per week

You can choose 3 subjects form a range of 50 options including: Archaeology, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Business, English language & Literature,Communication & Culture, Psychology… Each subject has roughly 4 hours and a half of classes per week.

3 hours of English per week with other exchange students.

2 enrichment classes per week: please see ‘extra curricular activities’ for a complete list

Language level required: B1-B2

A Levels (ages 16+)

A levels are a 2-year programme. During the first year, students choose 4 subjects form a range of 50 options inlcuding: Archaeology, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Business, English language & Literature,Communication & Culture, Psychology… Each subject has roughly 4 hours and a half of classes per week, and an equivalent amount of time for self study and research. Then, students keep 3 of the 4 subjects during the second year.

Foreign students and non-English speakers also have 3 hours of English classes per week until they obtain a 6.5 band score on IELTS in all four skills.

Language level: B1+/B2- – IELTS 5.0

At the end of the first year, students take sample exams and foreign students obtain a certificate. A Levels graduation happens at the end of the second year.

Vocational Courses (ages 16+)

2-year course, if you wish to obtain a BTEC Level 3 Diploma.

Roughly 15 hours of classes per week of your chosen course: Art & Design ; Beauty Therapy ; Business ; Children’s Play, Learning & Development ; Electrical Installations ; Engineering ; Health & Social Care ; Information & Technology ; Media ; Music ; Performing Arts ; Personal Training & Instruction ; Photography ; Plumbing Studies ; Sport ; Sport and Exercise Science ; Sport Performance & Excellence ; Travel & Tourism, Uninformed Public Services ; Watersports Instructor

The programme includes visits to local businesses. Individual study (at home or at the college library) is required outside of classes.

3 hours of English classes per week until you obtain a 6.5 band score on IELTS in all four skills.

2 enrichment classes per week: please see ‘extra curricular activities’ for a complete list

Language level: B1+/B2- – IELTS 5.0

Fast Track A Levels – 2 years in 1 programme (ages 17 – 18)

This programme is aimed at high-calibre students aged 17-18 who already have good command of English (confirmed B2 level required) and who have completed at least 2 of the last 3 years of their secondary education with outstanding scores, especially across the subjects chosen in the programme.

The Fast Track programme allows you to pursue A Level qualifications in one year instead of two.

You will choose 3 subjects from: Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting

The programme includes:

9 hours of A Level classes per week for each subject chosen and an equivalent amount of time for self study and research.

1 hour and a half of English lessons per week: compulsory for students not having achieved a band score of at least 6.5 in each of the four skills.

Language level: Minimum B2 – IELTS 5.5

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will gain three A levels which is a requirement by most prestigious universities in the UK and worldwide.

International Foundation Year (ages 17 – 18)

This 1-year programme is aimed at high-calibre students aged 17-18 having completed at least 2 of the last 3 years of their secondary education with high grades across all subjects.

This programme combines Academic coursesEnglish classes and Academic Study Skills, ensuring that you are ready to enter into university.

Academic courses: 2 subjects to choose from

  • Business & Finance (includes Economics, Mathematics, Business & Management)
  • Science & Engineering (includes Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

Each module corresponds to 40 ‘credits’. At the end of the year, you will need to have completed 140 ‘credits’ in order to obtain your diploma.

The choice of modules depends on the subjects chosen and the University course you wish to study at the end of the programme.

Language level required: B1+/B2- – IELTS 5.0

English classes: 5 hours of English classes per week – if your IELTS score was below 5.0

Depending on your module selection, this course prepares you for a special undergraduate degree course at the University of Reading, and lets you apply for numerous other universities including Kingston University in London (or Southampton University for “Business & Finance” graduates).

Vocational Year – Art & Design Foundation (ages 17+)

This 1-year programme is aimed at students aged 17 and having completed 2 or 3 years of high or senior secondary school with a high level of attainment in creative subjectsYou will also be expected to provide a portfolio of your artwork.

The programme includes 15 – 20 hours of classes per week in the art, design and media areas: Fine Art (Painting, Sculpture, Installation), 3D Design, Textiles, (Fashion, Surface Pattern), and Design for Communication, (Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation and Photography).

You will explore established artistic techniques and use them to experiment and develop your own ideas and style.

3 hours of English lessons per week

Language level: B1+/B2- – IELTS 5.0

Host family

High School experience

Single room, shared bathroom, half board Monday-Friday, full board at the weekend.

Distance from school: maximum 45 minutes by train/bus/on foot. Families are located in different villages surrounding Brockenhurst. The placement into these families depends on the availabilities at the time when the booking is made.

Other programmes

Single room, shared bathroom, half board Monday-Friday, full board at the weekend. Families located in Zone C.

Travel time to Brockenhurst College (Zone C): Approx. 30 – 40 mins (by train/bus or on foot)

  • Optional extras
    • Zone B: 15 – 25 minutes away (by train/bus/on foot)
    • Zone A: maximum 15 minute walk. Families are located in Brockenhurst itself.

Practical Information: – Linens provided – One laundry load per week is included in accommodation prices. Any additional laundry loads should be agreed on with your host family. – Internet access

Please note: the price of accommodation is fixed and includes accommodation during the school holidays. No reimbursement will be given if you decided to go home during these periods.

  • Be between 16-18 years old
  • Have a good level of English (IELTS 5.0 or 5.5 depending on the program)
  • Have achieved good academic results in the last 2 years
  • A willingness to make new friends and share the daily life of a host family
  • Demonstrate motivation, maturity and adaptability

Do you fit the criteria for participation? Think this high school abroad program is for you?

  1. Send us a registration form as soon as possible.
  2. You will then receive a pre-confirmation form and an application form to be completed. We will invite you to pay €90 in order to take a proficiency test and to provide us with your school results for the past 3 years. The interview fee is non-refundable and is deductible from the final cost if enrolment is confirmed.
  3. We will then invite you to come to our office in Brussels or Paris for the full interview. You must come to our office with the first part of the application form filled in.
  4. If the interview is successful, we will ask you to pay a deposit (25% of the total amount, minimum €1,500) and to send us the relevant documents completed. This includes recommendation letters from your teachers, your medical history and other information needed to process your booking. As soon as we recieve all the documents and the deposit, we will send the application file to our partner.
  5. The final decision belongs to the college after examination of your application form and an interview by phone. You will be accepted to your chosen courses according to the availabilities, your level of English, your previous academic background (the College requires good marks in the desired subjects) and the enrolment dates.

Your application is officially confirmed as soon as you receive the letter of acceptance from the College

The deadlines for submitting applications are :

  • July 5 for the September school year
  • 5 November for the start of the January school year
  • Beyond these dates, registration will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A late registration fee of 100€ will be applied.

You will be accepted into the course of your choice depending on availability, your level of English, your previous academic record (the College requires good grades in the desired subjects) and the date of enrolment.

Your exact arrival and departure dates will be sent out once Brockenhurst College has confirmed admission.

Please note: Do not make travel arrangements until we have confirmed your enrolment in your chosen course.

A medical/accident/repatriation and civil liability insurance is compulsory for this type of stay. You will be asked for a certificate of insurance at the time of your application.

Langues Vivantes offers you a complete insurance adapted to the stays of young people abroad, see Insurance and guarantees.

Dates & Prices 2020-2021

Dates 2020-21

The school year is split into three terms: Autumn Term, Spring Term and Summer Term, each with a half-term holiday.

School year: from September 2020 – July 2021 (44 weeks in total including 4 weeks of holidays)

  • Autumn Term: beginning of September – mid December
  • Spring Term: beginning of January – mid April
  • Summer Term: mid April – beginning of July

High school experience : programme starts at the end of August or beginning of January, depending on the duration chosen

  • Autumn term : beginning of September – mid December
  • Winter semester : end of August – mid February (start of half-term break)
  • Autumn & Spring term : end of August – mid April
  • Spring term : beginning of January – mid April

Exact term dates will be confirmed once we receive your booking.

Prices 2020-2021

Includes full time courses, room and board, registration fees, and taxes

WPCS 42.0.1
High school experience
Course and stay with a family, half board
1st trimester (sept - dec) 9.230
2nd trimester (jan - apr) 7.280
Semester (sept - feb) 11.995
1st & 2nd semester (sept - apr) 13.900
Other programs
Course and stay with a family, half board, Zone C
School Year (sept - july) 14.900
Accomodation supplement (school year)
Zone B 300
Zone A 650

Prices include:

  • English test and pre-booking interview
  • Your chosen course
  • Homestay accommodation (in Zone C for an academic year), single room, half board, holidays included
  • Access to all school facilities and services
  • Academic advice and support from a personal tutor
  • Support from our offices before, during and after your stay
  • All taxes and enrolment fees

Prices do not include:

  • Travel to and from Brockenhurst
  • Transportation in and around Brockhenhurst (apart from if you’re doing an academic year)
  • Optional activities
  • Textbooks and other course materials
  • Exam fees, where applicable (IELTS)
  • Optional insurance