High School Study Abroad in Adelaide – Australia

Unique opportunity to study in an Australian High School. Ages 13 – 18. From 1 trimester to 1 academic year (4 trimesters). 1 trimester from €6.595, 1 academic year from €21,695 (includes room and full board in a host family).

English in Sydney

English language programme in Sydney. Ages 16+. Minimum stay: 2 weeks. Standard & intensive English classes. Preparation for the IELTS & Cambridge exams and Academic English also available. Homestay or residence accommodation.

Anglais in Sydney – Bondi Beach

Séjour linguistique à Bondi Junction. Dès 16 ans, minimum 2 semaines. Cours d’anglais standards ou intensifs, Anglais pour les études universitaires. Logement en famille d’accueil ou en appartement.

English in Melbourne

English language programme in Melbourne. Ages 16+. Minimum stay: 2 weeks. Standard, semi-intensive or intensive courses. Preparation for the IELTS & Cambridge exams and Academic English also available. Homestay or residence accommodation.

English in Perth

Study English in Perth! Ages 16+. Minimum 2 week stay. Standard or intensive classes & Cambridge exam preparation (FCE & CAE). Possibility of combining classes with being a demi-pair to save money on accommodation.

English & Surf in the Brisbane area | 13-17 years | Summer Camp

Séjour linguistique de 2 à 8 semaines en été, dans la région de Brisbane en Australie. Cours d’anglais & Multi-activités ou Surf à Noosa. Cours d’anglais & Surf à Byron Bay. Logement en famille d’accueil. De 13 à 17 ans. 2 semaines à partir de 1975€ (15 heures d’anglais par semaine, activités, logement en famille en pension complète).

English in Brisbane

Language programme in Brisbane. Ages 16+, sessions ranging from 2 – 48 weeks. Standard or intensive English classes, TOEIC, IELTS & Cambridge (FCE & CAE) exam preparation. Accommodation with a host family or in a student house. 2 weeks stay from 1900 AUD (15h of English, homestay, breakfast)

Language and Culture Homestay Immersion around the world | All ages

A fully immersive Language and Culture programme in many different countries. You live in a host family, share their lifestyle and practice 15h, 20h, 25h, 30h of activities weekly with a member of the family. The perfect way to improve your language skills through practice and experience the culture of the country you have chosen. This programme is available to students of all ages (children, teenagers, students, adults or seniors). Homestay accommodation includes individual room, full-board. Stays range from 1 to 3 weeks, all year-round.