Total Immersion

Total immersion is an excellent way to progress in English by naturally developing self-confidence and oral fluency. Beyond the basic language practice, it also allows to explore the inner aspects of the local culture, customs and history underpinning the language. As you make progress, you will share experiences with your host family and discover their way of life. Families may host 2 students of different nationalities and mother tongues at the same time.

Flexibility and communication are the keys to a successful immersive experience, as well as open-mindedness and willingness to adapt to a different way of life! This option is therefore recommended for young people who are sufficiently autonomous, sociable and open-minded. In order to facilitate integration, it is also recommended to have studied English for at least 2 or 3 years.

English language level: for participants who do not have a level of English sufficient enough to communicate fluently or for those under the age of 14, we recommend to take private English classes to ensure a good integration into Irish life. These classes will be given by a teacher who will visit the students in their respective homes.

We offer different options that combine family immersion with specific activities allowing students to share a passion or interest with their host family, such as horse riding or golf for example, or to meet other young people in the frame of a sports or leisure camp (Immersion & Day camps)

Optional Extra

Private English lessons: One-to-one English classes are available for young participants who need them or who do not have a sufficient level of English, regardless of the type of stay chosen. The teacher usually comes to the host family’s home. The course timetable is agreed between the teacher, the student and the host family. Option to be specified upon registration.

Immersion & Excursions (ages 10-18)

This programme is organised by the host family and includes 1 full day and 2 half days of specific excursions each week, to Irish places and sites of cultural, historical or sporting interest. This is in addition to the traditional immersion in the Irish family life. The cost of entry to activities is included.

Duration: 1-4 weeks

Immersion & Horseriding (ages 10-18)

Ireland is the home of the horse and it is not unusual for a family to own one or more horses. If you are passionate about horses and riding, this is an ideal holiday. You will live with a family that owns horses (or double ponies). You will ride at least 8 hours a week in a friendly, family atmosphere. You will take care of the horse you are assigned to and will participate in the maintenance of the stall and the stable.

It is advisable to have a minimum of experience with horses, although it is not necessary to be an accomplished rider. To enable us to assess your riding ability, a short video should be attached to your application form.

Duration: 1-4 weeks

Farmstay Immersion (ages 10-18)

If you like country life, stay on an Irish farm and experience the Irish farming lifestyle – milking cows, feeding the animals, haymaking, gardening, harvesting, gathering eggs, etc. Activities vary according to the size of the farm and the season. During your stay, life on the farm continues as usual ; the family integrates you into their lifestyle and pace. Host families usually live in small owned farms – milk farms, cattle farms etc. 

Duration: 1-4 weeks.

Immersion in the teacher’s home & Excursions (ages 10-18)

For people who wish to attend English lessons, we offer a programme in the teacher’s home.

Students live at the teacher’s home and attend 10 private lessons per week – 2 lessons a day (50 minutes with a 10-minutes break each). The family also organizes 2 half-days + 1 full day of excursions per week. The type of excursions depends on the family you’ll be staying with. Visits vary from historical or cultural sites to leisure and sports activities, according to everyone’s centres of interest.

Duration : 1-4 weeks.

For the following programmes, host families drive the students to the camp and pick them back at the end of the daily activity.

Immersion & Pony camp (ages 10-18)

Students stay with host families and attend the riding course of a Pony Camp (Monday to Friday – 10:00 to15:00). The riding centre welcomes approximately 30 participants per week (in 2022: 80% Irish, 11% Spanish, 9% French). Students study different aspects of horse riding in groups of 8 or 9 according to their riding level. Participants of same nationality are separated as much as possible.

The course includes: riding lessons, jumping, riding school, cross country rides, day rides, games in the forest, horse grooming. Riding Show at the end of the stay.

Duration: 1-4 weeks, particular start dates (see Dates & Prices tab.)

Location: Athlone, County Westmeath.

Please specify your horse riding ability on your booking form.

Immersion & Tennis camp (ages 12-17)

Students stay with host families and attend the course of a Tennis Camp (Monday to Friday – 10:00 to17:00 with lunch break 13:00 to 14:00) The tennis camp hosts between 30 and 35 participants per week (in 2022: 55% Irish, 20% Spanish, 20% French, 5% Italian). The students are divided into 2 groups, mainly according to their ability, but also according to their age and gender. 80% of the participants are aged 12 to 15 and 20% are aged 16 and 17.

The course includes: playing techniques and tactics, physical and mental training

Duration: 1-4 weeks, particular start dates (see Dates & Prices tab.). 

Location: Mullingar, County Westmeath.

Please specify your tennis ability on your booking form.

Immersion & Rugby camp (ages 12-18)

Students stay with host families and attend the course of a reputed Rugby Club in Dublin (Monday to Friday – 09:00 to 16:00 with lunch break 13:00 to 14:00). The rugby camp hosts 110 participants per week (in 2022: 55% Irish, 25% from other English-speaking countries – Australians, New Zealanders, Americans, 10% Spanish and 10% French).

The course includes: 10 days of training with renowned coaches from the Irish Rugby Institute but also from Europe: improvement of playing techniques (strategy, speed, agility, power), fitness, nutrition, psychological preparation.

Participation in the famous IRI Rugby Sevens Tournament, a meeting with a professional player, interaction with young Irish players participating in the camp, water sports sessions at Surf Dock, 1 cultural visit per week: e.g. visit to a stadium (Aviva, Croke Park), Guinness Storehouse, Dublin city visit…

Duration: 2 weeks, particular start dates (see Dates & Prices tab).

Location: Dublin.

Please specify your rugby ability on your booking form.

Immersion & Soccer/Football camp (ages 10-17)

Students stay with host families and attend the course of the Sligo Rovers FC (Monday to Friday – 10:30 to 15:00). The football camp hosts 100 participants per week (in 2022: 75% Irish, 15% Spanish, 9% French and 1% Italians).

The course includes: warm-up sessions, development of technical skills, dribbling, goal shooting, defence, heading, small group games, team building.

Duration : 1-4 weeks, particular start dates (see Dates & Prices tab).

Location: Sligo, Sligo County.

Please specify your football ability on your booking form

Immersion & Surf (ages 10-16)

Students stay with host families and attend the course of the Surf Camp (Monday to Friday, 2 to 3 hours per day). The camps are located in the best surf spots on the Irish West Coast. Number of participants per camp: between 10 and 15 per week (in 2022: 44% Irish, 28% Spanish, 27% French and 1% other nationalities).

Participants are divided into small groups, according to their age and ability. The instructors are all qualified by the Irish Surfing Association. All levels are accepted, including beginners. All equipment is provided.

 Duration: 1-4 weeks, particular start dates (see Dates & Prices tab).

Location: Donegal, Sligo, Mayo or Clare Counties.

Immersion & Outdoor Adventure Camp (ages 12-17)

Students stay with host families and attend the course of the Outdoor Adventure Camp (Monday to Friday – 09:30 to 17:00 with lunch break 13:00 to14:00). This camp is renowned as one of the best adventure sports centres in Ireland and welcomes between 100 and 200 participants per week (in 2022: 50% Irish, 35% Spanish, 8% French, 5% Italian and 2% other nationalities).

Participants are divided into small activity groups, according to their age and nationality, to ensure the best possible balance.

Some of the many activities available include: zip line, abseiling, climbing, tree climbing, archery, zorbing, canoeing, water trampoline, sailing, windsurfing, laser game, divingand many more.

Duration: 1-4 weeks, particular start dates (see Dates & Prices tab).

Location: Carlingford, Country Louth

Immersion & MAD Camp – Music, Acting, Dance – (ages 10 -17)

Students stay with host families and attend the course of the MAD (Music, Acting, Dance) Camp (Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 15:00 with a 45 minutes lunch break). The camp hosts between 50 and 70 participants per week (in 2020: 70% Irish, 14% Spanish, 14% French and 2% Italian). Campers are divided into small groups by age group: years 9-12 and 13-17. Each group attends 3 courses per day.

Theme activities: all activities are taught in an active and playfull way

  • Music: breathing techniques, diction, harmonies, singing, dynamics, etc.
  • Acting: improvisation, mime, scene writing, etc.
  • Dance: Hip Hop, musical comedy, contemporary dance, etc. Talent show performance at the end of the course.

Duration: 2 weeks, particular start dates (see Dates & Prices tab).

Location: Athlone, County Westmeath

Immersion & Digital Skills and Activity Camp – (ages 12 -17)

Students stay with host families and attend the course of the Digital camp from Monday to Friday from 9:00 until 5:00.

The camp hosts 75 participants per week (in 2022, 100% Irish students). Students are split into smalll groups to learn digital skills through activity-based workshops to solve real life problems for any community, business or industry.

The programme includes 3 modules (1 per week) : Team Building & Leadership, Social Media Literacy, Design Thinking & Human Centered Design.

2 half-day excursions per week.

Tools and Activities : Google Drive, Social media applications, Canva, Slack, Sticky notes, Trello, Mind tools, Storyboarding & presentations

Length : 3 weeks at specific dates (see dates and prices).

Destination: Carlow, county of Carlow

The host families are carefully selected by our Irish representative who has over 45 years of experience in organising total immersion stays for young people from all over the world. In Ireland, the majority of the population live in small towns or rural areas. Placements take place all over the country, but mainly in small towns or country villages of the Midlands Region, depending on the option chosen.

The Irish have a strong commitment to family values and are known for their sense of hospitality and friendliness. All host families have one or more children, at least one of whom is close to the age of the hosted participant (within one or two years difference).

Note: 99% of the families are WIFI connected, but that actually depends on their place of residence and is not always available.


  • Full board accommodation in single or shared room depending on the family.
  • Guaranteed no same-nationality or mother tongue participants in the same host family

Location: all over Ireland in small towns or villages of the Irish countryside.

Getting There

Arrivals: Saturday or Sunday

Departures: Saturday or Sunday

For Total Immersion, Immersion & Excursions, Immersions & Horse Riding, Farmstay, Immersion & Golf and Immersion at the teacher’s home: dates are flexible. Please contact us for more information.

Arrival airports:

  • Dublin International Airport

Accompanied return transfer from Dublin Airport to your destination is mandatory: see price list. Students should arrive 09:00-18:00 and leave 11:00-20:00. An additional fees will apply for arrivals and departures outside these standard times.

For those leaving early in the morning, students will be accompanied to Dublin the day before, and will spend the night with one of the families selected by our local representative. The students will then be driven to the airport in the morning in order to catch their flight. An extra charge applies: please see “Dates & Prices” tab.

Please note: Do not make travel arrangements until we have confirmed your enrolment in your chosen course.

For participants under 16: some airlines, such as Ryanair do not allow minors under 16 years travelling unaccompanied by an adult and do not offer the service UM (Unaccompanied Minor). It is therefore important to check with the company before booking your flights.

What equipment to bring over ?

Immersion & Horse Riding and Immersion & Pony Camp: helmet, safety vest, riding boots, jodhpurs, raincoat.

Immersion & Pony Camp: The horse riding centre may be able to provide a helmet, boots and safety vest. However, we strongly recommend you bring your own riding gear.

Farmstay: Warm, comfortable, practical clothing

Immersion & Tennis Camp: 2 rackets, tennis shoes, appropriate tennis wear, change of clothes

Immersion & Rugby Camp: Rugby shoes, protective gear (shoulder pads, mouth guard, helmet), 3 changes of clothes (rugby shorts, socks, rugby shirt), light rainproof clothing

Immersion & Soccer Camp: shin guards, football boots, running shoes, rainproof clothing

Immersion & Surf Camp: swimming costume, towel

Immersion & Outdoor Adventure Camp: gym kit (jogging bottoms, sweatshirt, trainers, 1 complete change of clothes, shorts, swimming costumes, T-shirts)

Immersion & MAD Camp: Comfortable clothing

Dates & Prices 2023

Dates 2023

Immersion Homestays take place throughout the summer months (June, July and August), during the Irish school break (except the Total Immersion & Camps programmes which are held upon the following particular start dates)

Camps particular start dates

(plan to arrive on the preceding Saturday or Sunday)

Pony Camp26/06, 03/07, 10/07, 17/07, 24/07, 31/07, 07/08, 14/08
Tennis Camp03/07, 10/07, 17/07
Soccer / Football Camp (mixed course)03/07, 10/07, 17/07, 24/07, 31/07, 07/08, 14/08 (full until 24/07)
Surf Camp 26/06, 03/07, 10/07, 17/07, 24/07, 31/07, 07/08, 14/08
Outdoor Adventure Camp03/07, 10/07, 17/07, 24/07, 31/07, 07/08, 14/08 (week starting 10/07 now full)

Camps particular scheduled dates

(plan to arrive on the preceding Saturday or Sunday)

Rugby Camp03/07 – 14/07 (1 week) or 17/07 – 28/07 (2 weeks)
MAD Camp (Music, Acting, Dance)03/07 – 14/07
Digital Skills26/06 – 14/07

Prices 2023

Formula1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
Immersion & Excursions 995 1.450 1.895 2.395
Immersion on the farm 890 1.285 1.675 2.145
Immersion & Equitation 995 1.440 1.865 2.380
Immersion at the teacher's home (10 private lessons per week) & Excursions 1.395 2.260 3.115 4.010
Immersion & Pony camp 1.120 1.820 2.460 3.140
Immersion & Tennis camp 1.060 1.650 2.370-
Immersion & Rugby camp 1.185 1.915--
Immersion & Soccer camp 1.085 1.685 2.340 2.960
Immersion & Surf camp 1.115 1.685 2.295 2.850
Immersion & Outdoor Adventure Camp 1.155 1.790 2.465 3.110
Immersion & MAD camp- 1.685--
Immerson & Digital Skills camp-- 2.465-
Return transfer (at specified hours) 300
Arrival and departure outside specified hours 65
Morning flight (with night in Dublin, night before) 85
Private English course (per hour) 40

Above prices include:

  • Homestay placement and accommodation
  • Single or shared room depending on host family
  • Full board
  • Activities as per description
  • Entrance fees (Immersion & Excursions programme)
  • Assistance from Easy Languages and our local partner throughout your stay
  • Enrolment fees

Above prices do not include:

  • Travel to Dublin
  • Transfers (on arrival and departure)
  • Meals eaten outside on excursions and visits (Immersion & Excursions programme)
  • Insurance
  • Pocket money

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