School immersion in a Boarding School in the USA

What is a Boarding School ?

Imagine a Boarding School to be like an all-inclusive resort – with amazing friends, activities and facilities within walking distance. Boarding schools offer a fantastic and interesting academic experience for all American and international students alike.

This unique programme is aimed at motivated students, aged between 14 and 18, who want to experience the American Boarding School Lifestyle!

We can offer you this programme at an exceptionally low price! Scholarships granted by the schools make it now possible for you to be an exchange student at a US Boarding School whereas you may not have considered it before. And boarding schools by their nature are incredibly safe environments. 

Why choose a Boarding School ?

  • Experience the american boarding school lifestyle
  • Excellent academic level and support
  • A safe and secure environment
  • Live with students from the USA and from the world
  • Get a choice guarantee of either one course, one sport or one activity
  • Earn a US diploma
  • Activities on campus and at week-ends
  • Excellent facilities
  • Flexible application deadlines
  • Placement guaranteed
  • The traditional prestige of boarding schools at an affordable price

Benefits of being a Boarding School student in times of COVID

  • High ratio of face-to-face classes
  • Extra curricular activities running on a daily basis
  • Contained environment
  • No public transport
  • Quarantine on campus, if necessary
  • A social life
  • Predictability in unpredictable times

What our students say

“I have not regretted going to a Boarding School rather than living with a host family, because it turns out to be a truly wonderful experience.”

“Initially I was supposed to go in a Host Family but, due to COVID, they offered me this different opportunity. Living in the dorm is really beautiful, you can always have someone to talk with and it’s easier make new friends because you always spend time with the ones who live with you.”

“Living on a campus has many comforts: the proximity to the school and the fact that thanks to that, we do not have to wake up early, and being in the same complex as the school we are easily able to participate in all the activities.”

“I think living in a dormitory is one of the most beautiful things I have ever done. There is never a moment when you feel alone, you always have someone to spend your moments with.”

All the benefits and flexibility of our Premium programme…

  • Students can be between 14-18 (included), Grades 9-12
  • Application deadlines are later in the year
  • Students can choose to be placed in a Public or a Private High School
  • Students can earn a diploma in grade 12
  • Students can choose a favourite Sport, Art, Subject or Language
  • The English level required is lower than for the standard programmes

… and much more

  • Academic support and tutoring
  • A secure and safe environment
  • Scheduled days for strong results
  • Supervision
  • Activities every day
  • A social life
  • Placement confirmed within 4 to 6 weeks of submitting your application

Where ?

Our partner works with schools all over the country. Boarding schools grant scholarships at certain periods and under certain conditions. Because we match you with a school, we are able to offer you such a low price ($20,000 to $40 000 lower than regular prices). Since all boarding schools have great campuses, menus, supportive staff, interesting academics and lots of new friends – you are ensured an amazing experience!

Your choice

You can choose 1 favorite item from this list and we’ll make sure to place you at a school that has this!

One sportFootball, Soccer, Basketball, Cross Country, Volleyball, Golf & Cheerleading, or
One activityDrama & Theatre, Studior Art, Music & Dance, or
One subjectAP Calculus, Generic AP Science or
One foreign languageChinese, German, Spanish, French
A diplomaIf you are in Grade 12 and if you have the level, you can earn a High School Diploma

You will attend a local Private High School where you will be placed in the grade according to your age, academic achievements and English level.

Along with your American peers, you will be taking between 5 and 7 classes, of which 3, English, Math and History, are compulsory. Some schools also make Science compulsory. If you want to earn a High School diploma (12th grade students only) you will also have to take other compulsory subjects.

Classes are held in the morning and extra curricular activities in the afternoon.

In most American high schools, students choose from a wide range of classes and electives: Calculus, Science, Physics, Biology, Foreign Languages, Psychology, Sociology, Literature, Drama, Poetry, Journalism, Speech, Media, Computer Science, etc…

This is a great way to study subjects previously unknown to you or to acquire a different perspective on topics you formerly studied in your home country. Some classes run for one semester, meaning you’ll be able to study a variety of subjects over the course of the academic year.

In a boarding school, you benefit from scheduled days that helps you to focus on your study and encourages group and individual work: it’s so much more easier to do your homework when others are doing it around you! Teachers are also available for support and advice when you need it.

Life on campus is safe and reassuring. You can do everything at the same place: going to class, study at the library, practise a sport, music or arts, do your homework, eat, sleep and make friends. Teachers and staff are here to help and provide supervision .

Example of a typical day:

Extra curricular activities are an important part of the American school system. They are great opportunities to make friends and get to know the American culture. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of options: Field & Track, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Volleyball, Charity Club, Student Council, Fanfare, Speech Club,Year Book, etc.

Activities off campus are organised during the week-ends: Community Service projects, recreational activities, shopping, cinema, sightseeing to major cities, going home with an American friend for the week-end or a longer break…

American students study for a minimum of 12 years (elementary, middle and high school). High School includes the final four years of secondary education:

  • 9th Grade (Freshman)
  • 10th Grade (Sophomore)
  • 11th Grade (Junior)
  • 12th Grade (Senior)

Students are required to take English and US History, which are mandatory subjects. They can choose three or four additional electives from the subjects offered at their school depending on their interests. Students can also choose to take part in sports or cultural events as well as school clubs and associations.

The residence varies from one school to another. You can live in an apartement style accommodation that you share with other students or a dormitory style accommodation with single or shared rooms and shared bathrooms. Most dorms are on campus but they can also be off campus. In that case the school organizes transport to the school for all boarder students.

“Dorm parents” live on the premises. Students get a 24h supervision 7/7.

Boarding schools have extensive resources and great facilities to provide students with a save environment. They all feature sports facilities, performance arena, clubs, shops, library, computer and language labs, as well as a cafeteria with fresh food usually cooked on premises.

During school breaks most dorms are closed (Thanksgiving, Noël, Spring break). International students tend to stay with a local friend or choose to travel (be aware than students must be accompanied by an adult). Some boarding schools also offer homestay for an additional fee. In the latter case, it is important to inform the “dorm parents” at least 4 weeks in advance.

The local coordinator is an experienced staff member who knows the schools well and is in regular contact with the students throughout the programme. He/she regularly organizes meetings to ensure that the stay is going smoothly, both with the host family as well as with the school. The local coordinator is always available, should there be any issue and will be the first point of contact upon the student’s arrival.

Before departure

To make sure your stay goes smoothly and have all the information about the different aspects of the programme, you can attend an information and orientation meeting.

This is organised by Easy Languages Brussels in June. This is an opportunity for Easy Languages students to mingle, share questions and experiences and ask the EL team any questions they may have. Students from previous years are also invited to share their experiences. The final administrative formalities for your stay will also be completed during this meeting.

If you do not live in Belgium, we can organise a video chat where we will explain all of the procedure so that your stay goes as smoothly as possible.

Upon arrival on site

A few days after your arrival, the local coordinator organizes an orientation meeting for all students under his/her responsibility.

To be eligible for this programme, you must:

  • Be between 14 and 18 years old at the time of departure. (Students must be under 19 on the first day of school)
  • Demonstrate intermediate English language proficiency (minimum 3 years of English classes or previous study abroad experience). Students must have passed the ELTIS test with a minimum score of 205 for August/September departures and 215 for January departures. Students can take this test at our offices in Brussels or Paris.
  • Demonstrate a good academic record during the previous three school years prior to departure
  • Demonstrate flexibility, maturity, adaptability, and readiness to face the challenges of living abroad and in a new culture

Do you meet the requirements for this programme? Then follow these steps:

  1. Submit the registration form as soon as possible.
  2. You will then receive a pre-confirmation form and an application form to be completed. We will then ask you to pay a deposit of €100 in order to take a proficiency test and to provide us with your school results during the past 3 years. The interview fee is non-refundable and is deductible from the final cost if enrolment is confirmed.
  3. We will then invite you to come to our office in Brussels or Paris for the full interview. You must come to our office with the first part of the application form filled in.
  4. If the interview is successful, we will then ask you to pay a deposit (25% of the total amount, minimum €1,500) and to send us the relevant documents completed. These include recommendation letters from your teachers, your medical history and other information needed to process your booking. As soon as we receive all the documents and the deposit, we will send the application file to our partner.
  5. The final decision is taken by our partner
  6. Once your application is confirmed, our partner will start looking for a school

The deadline for handing in completed application forms is:

  • June 01 for August departures

The booking forms must be completed and sent to our office in Brussels at least 3 weeks before the deadline. All late applications will incur an additional €250 fee.

Departure is usually scheduled in August (but may also be at the end of July or early September depending on the school). A representative of the school will welcome you at the airport upon arrival and take you back at the end of your stay.

Once enrolment is confirmed by our partner, we can coordinate your travel arrangements to the USA if requested. The ticket will include the least amount of changes possible. One free of charge change to the ticket may be made, once the return date is confirmed.

If you prefer to make your own travel arrangements, we will provide you with the relevant information necessary for your booking.

A student visa is required to take part in this programme (F-1 Exchange Visitor Visa). This visa is valid for the duration of your stay. We will provide you with the necessary documents to obtain the visa and help you with the visa process.

Students are covered by health insurance and assistance policy included in the programme prices, with a toll-free hotline accessible 24/7 in the USA.

Dates 2022 – 2023

  • Academic year: from mid-August to mid-June (depending on the school)
  • Semester: from mid-August to mid-December or mid-January to mid-June (depending on the school)

*Back to school dates are set by the schools and can be from the end of July to mid-September. The dates of stay are therefore set once the participant has received his or her placement.

Fares with flights are subject to change depending on the ticket costs at the time of booking.

Prices 2022 – 2023

WPCS 42.0.3
Tuition, residence accommodation, meals, registration fees, tranfers included
Academic Year WITH FLIGHT#REF!

Our prices include

  • English test and preliminary interview
  • All necessary documents for the visa required for the academic year
  • High School enrolment for a year
  • Supervision throughout the stay by the local coordinator
  • Residence accommodation and meals
  • Personal assistance, constant support and advice
  • Medical insurance
  • Assistance for parents in Europe throughout the student exchange
  • Regular contact and evaluation
  • Official certificate of participation including transcript of records, depending on destination
  • American diploma (in some cases)
  • Roundtrip flights from Brussels, Paris, Luxemburg or Geneva, if requested
  • Return transfer from the nearest airport to the host family

Prices do not include

  • Visa fees (around €300)
  • Funds to cover school materials, such as books, stationary, activities, excursions, meals, etc., 3000 USD for the whole academic year
  • Optional insurance
  • Round-trip flight (depending on chosen option)