Would you like to learn a language while getting involved in a solidarity project? Get involved as a volunteer for causes that are close to your heart in one of the four corners of the world.

Get involved in social, educational, environmental or renovation projects. These experiences ideally combine linguistic and cultural immersion. This allows you to not just be a tourist in a foreign country, but to take advantage of your passage to have a positive impact on local communities.

Volunteer in Santa Barbara – Costa Rica

Volunteer programme and Spanish course, with accommodation in host family or residence.Ages 18+. Minimum stay of 4 weeks, from €1.280 (including placement, course and accommodation).

Year round 18+ 4-8 weeks

Cultural immersion Homestay in the USA

Cultural Immersion without lessons Homestay (in American families) in various states. 3 different options according to the age of the students: – Total Immersion for ages 14-17, 2 to 6 weeks (2 weeks from €1770) – Community Service option for ages 16-20, 2 to 6 weeks (2 weeks fom €2080) – Business Education Experience for ages 18-25, 4 to 12 weeks (4 weeks from € 3040).

Year round Homestay 14-25 2-6 weeks or 4-12 weeks