High School Study Abroad in Adelaide – Australia

Unique opportunity to study in an Australian High School. Ages 13 – 18. From 1 trimester to 1 school year (4 trimesters). 1 trimester from €6.995, 1 year from €21,995 (includes room and full board in a host family).

Homestay 13-18 School term - Semester - Academic year

School Immersion in Australia | 14-17 | Summer

School Immersion Program in Australia during the summer (8 weeks or 1 school term). Live as a young Australian, attend classes in a local high school and share the daily life of a host family. From 14 to 17 years old. Choice of 8 weeks or one school term (about 11 weeks). 8 weeks: 4.995€ (tuition, accommodation and return flight); school term: 6.295€ (tuition, accommodation, orientation course in Sydney and return flight)

Homestay 14-17 2-8 weeks Summer