Southern England

Seaford College is located between Brighton (to the west) and Eastbourne (to the East), in the county of East Sussex. The famous Seven Sister cliffs, on the coast, are located east of the city.

In the county of Dorset, Clayesmore school is located in a small village of Iwerne Minster. The region is known for its Jurassic coasts and seaside resorts of Bournemouth and Poole. The environment is perfect for students and practising sport.

The Oundle centre is located in Peterborough, around 100 kilometers north of London. This charming market town offers a safe and friendly environment for the students.

Worth School is located on the outstanding site of Worth Abbey where a Benedictine School is established since 1930. The town is located in the county of Sussex, south-east of London and about 15 minutes drive from Brighton or London-Gatwick airport.

Clayesmore School

The school has 18 tennis courts, football fields, golf courses and sports centres including a squash court and swimming pool. There is also an 18-hole golf course.

Available sports: Tennis, football (Arsenal Soccer), rugby, horse riding, multisport & dance. Accessible from 9 to 14 years old. The Clayesmore School is recommended for “younger” students.

Capacity: 120 campers per week.

Seaford College

eaford school has 7 tennis courts available, a 9-hole golf course, a hockey field, several football fields, squash courts, sports halls and an outdoor swimming pool. Nearby facilities include a 9 and 18-hole golf course as well as a tennis centre with indoor courts.

Available sports : Tennis, golf, football (Arsenal Soccer), hockey & dance. Accessible from 10 to 16 years old.

Capacity: 170 campers per week.

Worth School

Worth is one of the great historic schools of England and among the most beautiful too. The school is situated in 200 acres in the midst of beautiful and natural greenery of “High Weald”, within the grounds of Worth Abbey. With exceptional facilities and boarding houses which have won architectural design awards, it provides a wonderful, safe environment for our students to experience and enjoy.

Facilities: football pitches, rugby pitches, tennis courts, sports hall, theatre, music rooms and dance studio. The horse riding stables are a short drive away.

Available sports: tennis, rugby, hockey, football (Arsenal Soccer), horse riding & dance. Accessible from 10 to 16 years old.

Capacity : 170 campers per week.

Oundle School (age 11-17 years)

The school welcomes students to beautiful historic surroundings, with exceptional sports facilities. There are 14 comfortable classrooms, an IT suite with internet access, a refectory, an indoor swimming pool, a gym with wall climbing facilities, basketball, badminton, volleyball and ping-pong, as well as tennis courts, an art studio and numerous sports fields. Only horse riding takes place off site, at specially equipped stables. The school is easily accessible, just an hour and a half from Stansted airport and 2 hours from Heathrow or St Pancras.

Available sports: Tennis, football (Arsenal Soccer), hockey, basketball, horse riding & dance. Accessible from 11 to 17 years old.

Oundle School is recommended for “older” students. This is the only school where 16 to 17-years-old are allowed to leave the campus for the village centre for 1 hour.

Capacity: 160 campers per week.

This programme enables students aged between 9 and 17 to practise their favourite sport with qualified trainers and perfect their English skills.

Language Lessons (15 hours of English tuiion per week)

At the start of the programme students are tested and placed into groups based on their English skills. The language programme is divided into 5 different levels and students are given a report signed by their English teachers at the end of the stay.

You will get a chance to practice English after school since all sports and social activities are organised in English.

Classes have an average of 10 students (maximum of 14).

3 different programme options:

Content per week:

  • 15 hours of English lessons (morning or afternoon)
  • 15 hours of Sport training

Available sports are : Tennis, Football, Golf, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Horse riding, Multi-sports and Dancing.

Required English level : A2

Content per week:

  • 22:30 hours of English lessons (morning and/or afternoon)
  • 7:30 hours of Sport training

Available sports are : Tennis, Football, Golf, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Horse riding, Multi-sports and Dancing.

Required English level : B1

Content per week:

  • 30 hours of Sport training only (no language lessons)

Available sports are : Gof and Football

Required English level : B1

Our staff ensures that children of all levels can properly and safely take part in the sport activities in the best conditions, encouraging both interest and talent in a fun environment. Whatever beginners or advanced in the chosen sports, all participants increase their language knowledge by using it during their athletic training.

All coaches have long-lasting experience, some are international players and full-time professionals.

Programmes are one week long, but campers can opt to specialise in more than one sport if they stay longer. Each camper will leave the programme with a validating certificate from their sport coach.

Minimum level : Beginners (only interested and motivated students) to Advanced.

Tennis (Clayesmore, Seaford, Worth or Oundle)

The programme is run by an international team of qualified coaches under the leadership of an experienced main coach. All players are assessed at the beginning of each week and placed into groups with children of a similar level. Coaching is based on a staff to student ratio of 1 for 6. Instruction covers all aspects of the game including grip, ground strokes, volley, serve and lob. Participants have the opportunity to play on a variety of surfaces. Each week ends with a tournament for all players.


  • Tennis & English: 3 hours of tennis every morning and English classes in the afternoon.

Required gear and equipment: polo shirt, socks, tennis shoes and tennis racket.

Rugby (Worth) – Boys only

The rugby programme is for young players of all levels (except beginners) who want to practice their sport to their maximum capacity. The sessions include physical training but also theoretical and tactical lessons.

Aspects covered include long and short passes, body positioning, positioning on-field, tackling, kicking, etc. On the weekend, participants play a game against another team of same level.


  • Rugby & English: 3 hours of rugby every morning and English classes in the afternoon.

Golf (Seaford)

The programme is run by a team of qualified PGA professionals. At the beginning of each week, all players are assessed and placed into groups according to their ability. Coaching is based on a staff to student ratio of 1:6. The golf and pro-golf players are treated as two separate groups. Instruction covers all aspects of the game including grip, stance, posture, swing, putting, long and short play and etiquette. Players progress through the Golf Foundation Awards throughout the week. Each week ends with a Ryder Cup tournament hosted at the centre’s golf course.


  • Golf & English: 3 hours of golf every morning and English classes in the afternoon.

Hockey (Seaford)

The programme is run by HA qualified coaches and lead by an experienced head coach. All coaching takes place on the centre’s artificial surfaces (note: Seaford has a water-based pitch). The coach to student ratio is 1:10. Players are tested at the beginning of each week and are placed into groups according to their level. Players progress throughout the week, undergoing active sessions covering individual and team skills. Each week ends with a test to illustrate the improvements made.


  • Hockey & English: 3 hours of hockey every morning and English classes in the afternoon.

Football – Arsenal Soccer (Clayesmore, Seaford, Oundle ou Worth) – Boys up to 17 years, girls up to 16 years.

The programme is run by FA qualified coaches and lead by an experienced head coach. Each group consists of 1 trainer and 10 students. The active weekly programme covers all ball skills and team plays using the latest coaching strategies. Each week ends with a competitive match.


  • Football & English: 3 hours of football every morning and English classes in the afternoon.

Basketball (Oundle)

This programme is organised and supervised by professional coaches in small groups of 10 students for 1 coach. The training sessions allow students to work on their development of agility and physical skills as well as passing, dribbling and throwing techniques, as an individual and as a team, also working on communication in team building. The goal is to acquire at least one specific technique or ability during the course.


  • Basketball & English: 3 hours of basketball every morning and English classes in the afternoon.

Horse Riding (Worth, Oundle ou Clayesmore)

Our riding course aims at improving students’ riding skills and confidence, while giving them a chance to ride horses in a natural environment. We cater to all applicants, ranging from complete beginners to intermediate level.

Depending on the level, students will learn to walk, trot, canter, hack and jump. Students also learn horse management skills, including animal instincts and welfare, handling, saddling up, equipment, safety and grooming. Riders learn to balance and control the horse, and how to improve body posture.


  • Horse riding & English: 3 hours of horse riding activity (including horse preparation and stables caring) every morning and English classes in the afternoon

Dance (Seaford, Worth, Clayesmore ou Oundle)

This programme is organised and coached by highly-qualified and experienced Dance teachers. Participants can learn and practice a number of different dance styles (pop, jazz, contemporary…) and have the opportunity to demonstrate their creative skills during a final Dance Show (at the end of each week).

The programme emphasizes the process of creation and on the collective, technical and theatrical aspects of dance. It is accessible to all skill levels.


  • Dance & English: 3 hours of dance every morning and English classes in the afternoon.

Multi-sport (Clayesmore)


This programme is designed for students who wish to practice a wide variety of sports such as football, basketball, squash, swimming or athletics such as running, high jump, throwing. All sports are supervised by professional instructors willing to share their passion with younger people.

  • English & Multisport: 3 hours of sport a day with English lessons in the afternoon.


Our staff conduct evening activities designed to allow students of similar ages to socialise and have a good time. The majority of these activities are on the school grounds and include activities such as “Crazy Olympics”, fashion evenings, “Coach Hunt”, “Race Night”, casino nights, karaoke, cabaret, “Blind Date” and at the end of the week, an evening of “international disco”.

For campers ages 15-16, our staff also organise several off-site activities like cinema, ice-skating and pizza parties. Students should have some pocket money for these activities (about £30 a week).


Each weekend, participants staying for 2 weeks or more can participate in organised excursions supervised by our staff.

On Saturdays, students go to an amusement park, while Sundays are dedicated to tours of nearby English cities (Brighton, Bath, Bournemouth, Cambridge…). London is also possible on request, in particular for non-European students and at extra cost. Group leaders supervise the group and animate the outings but will not assume the functions of official guides during the visits and the London tour in particular.

Upon these trips, students should make sure to have some pocket money available for possible entrance fees and other expenses (shopping, souvenirs, etc). Younger students of 9-12 years have non-stop supervision during the excursions. Students of 12-14 years can have some free time on their own but must be every hour at the meeting point designated by the group leaders to make sure they are under control. Older students of 15-16 years have 2 hours of free time.

Residence Hall

Students stay in a school residence/campus with floors split by gender. Campers are accommodated in double or shared rooms (2 or more people) according to their age and wishes. Rooms are comfortable and furnished with a bed, desk, chair, and a lockable closet per camper.

Shared communal toilets and bathrooms are cleaned regularly.


  • Three healthy balanced meals are served every day, with a variety of menu options available including a salad bar. The camp can also cater to special diets (on request upon booking only).
  • Barbecues are organised once a week.
  • The Camp Canteen provides students with the opportunity to stock up on snacks and drinks as well as other essential items.


Arrivals on Sundays between 09.00 and 15.00

Departures on Saturdays between 12.00 and 17.00

There is an extra charge for all transfers required outside of these times (see Dates & Prices tab).

Transfers can be arranged from London Gatwick, London Stansted and London Heathrow and from London St Pancras train station. On arrival, a Camp Staff Member will wait for you in the arrivals hall with a visible name sign and wearing an orange shirt.

Visa Information

Do you need a visa for this programme? For more information please consult our Visa Information page.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you require any additional information.

Dates & Prices 2020

Dates 2020

  • Seaford : stays are from Sunday to Saturday, from 5 July to 15 August (ages 10-16: tennis, golf, hockey, football, dance).
  • Clayesmore : Stays are from Sunday to Saturday, from 5 July to 1 August, (ages 9-16: tennis, football (Arsenal Soccer), dance, mutisports, horse riding).
  • Worth : stays are from Sunday to Saturday, from 5 July to 8 August, (ages 10-16: tennis, football (Arsenal Soccer), rugby, horse riding, dance).
  • Oundle : stays take place from Sunday to Saturday, from 28 June to 1 August, (ages 11-17: tennis, football (Arsenal soccer), basketball, horse riding, dance).

Prices 2020

Includes English and sport lessons, activities, accommodation and meals as described, all taxes and enrolment fees

WPCS 42.0.3
Sports programme - Residence accommodation, shared room, full board
Sports1 week2 weeks3 weeks
Dance 1.995 3.985 5.975
Multisports 2.335 4.670 6.995
Hockey 1.995 3.985 5.975
Football - Arsenal Soccer 1.995 3.985 5.975
Tennis 1.995 3.985 5.975
Rugby 1.995 3.985 5.975
Basketball 1.995 3.985 5.975
Golf 1.995 3.985 5.975
Horse riding 2.335 4.670 6.995
Arrival on Sunday between 9:00 and 15:00Included
Departure on Saturday between 12:00 and 17:00Included
Arrival outside of expected hoursPlease contact us
Departure outside of expected hoursPlease contact us

Prices include:

  • The chosen English and sports programme
  • Accommodation in shared room
  • Full board (3 meals a day) at the college
  • The activity and excursion programme (evening and week-end)
  • 24hr supervision

Prices do not include:

  • Travel transport to the destination
  • Transfers on arrival/departure from the airport or train station