Juniors and teens French language camp in Bruges

Bruges is a beautifully-preserved medieval trade city built over a network of narrow canals and waterways. Often referred to as “the Venice of the North”, this UNESCO World Heritage site’s inspiring backdrop offers the perfect environment for young learners to improve their language skills while making the most of their holidays in this idyllic location. Located about ten kilometers from the North Sea, Bruges is also a popular seaside destination with bike paths and sandy beaches.
Our Language Camp centre « Aan de plas » is located in this superb setting.

The language center

Camp stays take place at the outstanding “Aan de Plas” Sports & Leisure Centre. It’s ideally located for both lessons and sports activities, and a great starting point for exploring Bruges and the area during Autumn, Spring and Summer holidays.

General information

  • Minimum stay : 1 week
  • Lessons duration : 50 minutes
  • Number of lessons : 3 per day, 15 per week
  • Number of students per class : average of 12
  • Level assessment test on Sunday arrival
  • Bank holidays : July 21 and August 15 (programme may vary on these days)

Our French & Activity programme in Flanders is a fun and engaging way for 08-17 year old to learn French and take part in a varied, specially designed activity programme with full supervision and friendly, approachable teachers and camp counselors in a safe and secure campus environment. Perfect for a first study abroad stay for young learners.

Our students are international and diverse, giving all participants the chance to make meaningful international friendships and learn about other cultures while improving their French and making the most of their holidays.

The school provides top quality language education. Classes are held in small groups and activities are always fun to allow young students a rapid acquisition of the vocabulary, comprehension and practice of the language.

Activities programme

Several options are offered depending on the holiday period.

  • Autumn holidays: we offer a multi-activity programme including cultural visits and various sports activities such as basketball, football, volleyball, kayaking…, depending on the weather.
  • At Easter: we offer a selection of options from those listed below. The options offered are followed by an *.
  • Summer: all options are offered

French & Culture*: the most intensive option with 3 French lessons per day with a focus on speaking, plus sports, leisure and evening activities, excursions to the coast and Bruges. A great way to learn about Flanders and Belgian culture while improving your French.

French & Sports: 3 French lessons per day plus 10 hours of your chosen activity per week. Activities are taught and monitored by professional Flemish instructors. Also includes evening activities.

  • French & Multisports*: can include hockey, basketball, table-tennis, squash, football, beach volleyball and kayak lessons, weather permitting and depending on each group’s preferences.
  • French & Tennis*: Tennis lessons are held at well established sports clubs of the area – Brughia TC (in Bruges) or Centre Laguna de Heist (in Knokke). Both clubs have indoor tennis courts in case of bad weather.
  • French & Horseriding*: Lessons are held at De Blauwe Zaal, one of Belgium’s biggest riding schools. The school has two indoor riding areas and around 100 horses.
  • French & Windsurfing: Windsurfing lessons are held at the VVW Water Sports Club in Bruges. Groups of 8-10 students. All materials (surfboard, lifejacket) are provided. To participate, students must provide a swimming certificate or be able to swim 100 metres.
  • Combo Course: students who want to stay for several weeks while changing afternoon activities can try our Combo Course (for example one-week French & Culture course followed by a one-week French & Sports course). Just make a note to specify your required Combo Course on the booking form.

Option activity duration: 2 hours every afternoon Monday to Friday.

Evening activities

Every evening, organised and coached activities are offered to the participants (films, bowling, games without frontiers, table tennis, pools, table-soccer, etc.). Younger students are coached by bilingual teachers who can also communicate with them in their mother tongue, if necessary.

Students enjoy on-site residential accommodation and have lessons in the same building. They are fully supervised by trained camp counselors.


Each of the 16 rooms in the centre (4-6 students per room), fully-equipped, cosy and comfortable, offers a splendid view over the 39-acre lake. Each room includes its own ensuite bathroom with a separate toilet. All residents benefit from free WiFi access. Full board is included in the programme price. For 2 weeks stays or longer, there is an additional fee for the Saturday night, full board and week-end activities (see “Dates & Prices” tab.)

Bed linen is not included.
Please bring your own sleeping bag or a set of single bed sheets and a pillow case. If you are travelling by plane with restricted luggage, a set of sheets and pillow case (Bedding Pack) is available at extra cost (see “Dates & Prices” tab).

Day Campers

Families on holiday nearby can choose our Day Camper option, including French lessons (one fewer lesson per day than the Boarders option), lunch, excursions and sports or cultural activities. The programme runs 09.00-17.00 daily and all options are available (See Dates & Prices tab for more details on pricing and corresponding discount).


We can arrange your transfers from Brussels Zaventem Airport, Charleroi Airport or Bruxelles-Midi (Brussels South) Train Station on arrival and/or departure (see extra fee in Dates & Prices).

Practical details

  • Campers’ age: the French & Activities Course is a fully-inclusive programme designed specifically for children aged 8-9, 10-12, 13-15 and 16-17. Note: 8-9 years-old may only attend during the Spring session and the first 2 weeks of July only
  • Arrivals: Sunday 15-16 hrs, departures Saturday 10-11 hrs
  • A placement test is held on Sunday immediately after arrival, so students are placed in the right class and ready to begin their course from Monday morning.
  • Car park available for easy drop-off and pick-up on arrival/departure days.

We are aware that this particular period also requires a particular attention to ensure the safety of your children and the organisation of their stay.

That is why we have established new measures as follow.

Organisation and visualisation of contact bubbles for the students and members of the permanent staff :

The boarded participants attending the multi-day overnight camp will be divided into contact bubbles of 50 people, as foreseen in the generic youth protocol.

In actual facts, this means that the camp will be organised in such a way that contact within the bubbles takes place in a rather normal way, while keeping a formal distance between the different bubbles.

This implies the following organisation FOR EACH BUBBLE :

  • Infrastructure (building and/or grounds/tents) to be subdivided into sleeping areas, eating areas, play areas, sanitary facilities per bubble. The same space can be used by different bubbles as long as it is used by teams and disinfected between uses. This rule does not apply to sleeping areas.
  • Use of the equipment: wherever possible, we plan to distribute the equipments in different trunks per bubble. Objects that cannot be divided can only be used between groups, provided that the contact surfaces are disinfected in the meantime.
  • Clear visualisation of the bubbles, also with regard to infrastructure and equipment.
  • Fixed supervision per bubble. If a supervisory team meets, the social distancing rules in use at the time in the company will apply.
  • A multi-day overnight camp can consist of several contact bubbles at the same time.
  • Bubble structures will be maintained from the beginning of the camp and contact with outsiders will be avoided: no visits, agreements with parents to drop off and pick up their children, on departure and return.

Emergency procedures and duty system :

A standard emergency procedure is developed for multi-day overnight camps. The main components of this emergency procedure are :

  • Presence and use of a quarantine area in case of suspected infection.
  • Sick participants will leave the camp.
  • The organiser can rely on a policy of permanent assistance from the coordinating organisation.
  • Close contact with a physician operating in the vicinity of the multi-day camp and who can be contacted in case of suspected coronavirus infection.
  • In case of infection, contact with grandparents and other risk groups should be avoided for at least one week.
  • In case of infection, the local administration of the camp site, as well as the camp participants, accompanying persons and parents of the participants will be informed.
  • All parties involved (participants, parents, suppliers, etc.) will be informed about the rules and measures taken.
  • Clear agreements will be made with all participants in the overnight camp about the measures taken and this will be supported (visually) by communication/pictograms/standard situations.

Sanitation and hygiene :

  • Handwashing should take place at least at the beginning and end of the activity, before and after meals, and upon each visit to the toilet.
  • The infrastructure, planning and equipment will be adapted to the respect of hand hygiene as much as possible.
  • The layout and use of the building will be properly planned in the context of bubble compliance and hygiene conditions.
  • Cough into the crook of the elbow, use single-use tissues and use closed waste bins.
  • Mouth and nose masks will be used outside the contact bubbles by the 12+ age group in accordance with global guidelines.
  • Wound care will be provided for 12+ with a mouth and nose mask and possibly gloves.
  • Contact surfaces will be cleaned regularly in accordance with the guidelines.
  • Living and sleeping areas will be regularly ventilated.
  • The equipment should remain in the bubble as much as possible. If the equipment is nevertheless passed from one bubble to another, the contact surfaces will be disinfected.
  • If any equipment is provided by outsiders, it must be provided and/or delivered in absolute respect of the hygiene and sanitation measures.

Nature of the activities :

  • Activities will be organised as much as possible in the outdoors.
  • The bubbles will be spread over the maximum capacity of the field/building (whether or not extended to an additional play area/infrastructure).
  • Activities with physical contact between bubbles will not be possible.
  • Activities will take place as much as possible on the camp site. We will avoid organising walks with the bubble because of the contact with outsiders.
  • When leaving the holiday camp site or estate, the groups will follow the measures concerning the contact with others. The structure of the bubble will be maintained by not allowing any outsiders to enter it.
  • When coming into contact with other people in the public space (forest, sports or playgrounds, public squares, streets, …), we will keep a sufficient distance from those who do not belong to the bubble.
  • Outings during which the contact bubble comes into contact with other people and/or other bubbles will be avoided as much as possible. If this does occur nevertheless, it must be done in accordance with the official guidelines applying to that location (e.g. swimming pools, leisure/recreational areas such as amusement parks/provincial areas, etc.).
  • When, during a camp lasting several days with overnight stays, contact is made with outsiders for a specific activity (e.g.kayak rental, mountain bike rental, ropes course, etc.), strict rules of safety and hygiene will apply.
  • In general terms, activities where there is intense contact between people will be avoided in order to prevent possible contamination within the contact bubble.
  • For children of 12 years or more, the staff will pay particular attention to the nature of the activity (if light contact is possible, intensive contact is never recommended).

The supervising group leaders are aware of the impact of fatigue on the youth’s immune system. They will take that particular aspect into account when preparing the programmes and will provide sufficient night rest for the participants and for themselves.

Dates & Prices 2021 – 2022

Dates 2021 – 2022

Courses run Sunday-Saturday (7 days, 6 nights).

Autumn holidays 2021

  • 31/10 – 06/11

Easter 2022

  • 03/04 – 09/04
  • 10/04 – 16/04

Summer 2022

  • 03/07 – 09/07
  • 10/07 – 16/07
  • 17/07 – 23/07
  • 24/07 – 30/07
  • 31/07 – 06/08
  • 07/08 – 13/08
  • 14/08 – 20/08
  • 21/08 – 27/08

It is possible to combine a French course with different activity options (i.e. Culture on first week and then Tennis or Multisports or Windsurfing or Horseriding if the stay exceeds one week and runs over several weeks).

Prices 2021

All taxes and enrolment fees included

NOVEMBER HALF-TERM BREAK 2021 – French and muli-activity

31/10 – 06/11 : 615€ (lessons, activities, residence accommodation, full-board)

Programme Prices – per week

WPCS 42.0.1
Lessons & activities - Residence, full board (1 to 4 weeks)
Autumn 2021Culture & Multisports
31/10 - 06/11 615
Easter 2022CultureMultisportsTennisHorse Riding
03/04 - 09/04 615 615 660 720
10/04 - 16/04 615 615 660 720
Summer 2022CultureMultisportsTennisWindsurfingHorse RidingExam Prep
03/07 - 09/07 615 615 680 740 750 740
10/07 - 16/07 615 615 680 740 750 740
17/07 - 23/07 615 615 680 740 750 740
24/07 - 30/07 615 615 680 740 750 740
31/08 - 06/08 615 615 680 740 750 740
07/08 - 13/08 615 615 680 740 750 740
14/08 - 20/08 615 615 680 740 750 740
21/08 - 27/08 615 615 680 740 750 740
Extra night from Saturday to Sunday between two weeks (stays exceeding 1 week) 90
Bedding Pack hire (Sheets, blanket, pillow) 25
Special diet (vegetarian, halal, etc...) 30
Airport or train station transfers
DestinationOne-wayRound trip
Zaventem Airport or Bruxelles Midi Station (Thalys) 150 270
Charleroi (Bruxelles South) Airport 240 420
Transfer extras
Arrival or departure between 20.00 & 10.00 30
Unaccompanied Minor transfer (UM) 75
Day Camp: course without accommodation (per week) 165
Family Discount (starting from 2nd enrolment) 15

Prices include:

  • French lessons
  • Placement test on arrival and progress test at the end of the stay
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the stay
  • Residence accommodation, full board
  • Shared room, shared bathroom, free Wi-Fi
  • Course materials
  • All sports and use of sports facilities
  • All activities (daytime and evening) and weekend excursions, including transport and entrance fees
  • 24hr supervision
  • Emergency accident insurance coverage

Prices do not include:

  • Transportation to Bruges or transfers from Brussels Airport (Zaventem), Charleroi Airport (Brussels South) or Brussels Midi Train Station
  • Saturday night stay if 2 week stay or longer (see extra fee in Prices & Dates tab)
  • Bed linen loan extra (€25 per week)
  • Riding boots (Horse Riding activity only)