Italian in Rome

Study Italian in Rome! Ages 16 and up, from 1 week. Standard or Intensive General Italian courses. Homestay or shared apartment accommodation.

Year round 18+ 1-4 weeks

Italian in Sicily

Study Italian in Taormina! Ages 17+, sessions starting from 1 week. Standard, semi-intensive or intensive Italian, private lessons, Italian & thematical option. Homestay or apartment accommodation. 1 week from €495 (10 lessons, apartment accommodation, single room, self-catering.)

Year round 17+ 1-24 weeks Homestay or shared apartment

Italian in Venice

Language programme in Venice. General Italian lessons, “small budget” lessons, combined courses, individual lessons and art classes. Accommodation with a host family or in a residence. Ages 16+ , minimum stay of one week starting from €455 (course & accommodation in homestay, single room, without meals).

Year round 16+ 1-36 weeks Homestay or Residence